Benefits Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits Questions:

When can I change my insurance plan?

You can make changes to your insurance plan during the Open Enrollment period in October/November each year or if you experience a qualifying event.  Qualifying events include the following: you or your spouse involuntarily lose other insurance coverage; you get married or divorced; you adopt or have a baby, your employment status changes (full-time to half-time or vice versa); there is a death in your covered family.

When can I change the amount of my payroll deduction to my 403(b), 401(k), or 457(b)?

You can make changes to these supplemental retirement accounts any time throughout the year. IRS limits change every calendar year so January has been a very logical time to make a change. Check with HR for details about the different supplemental retirement options.

At what age is a dependent dropped from an employee’s insurance plan?

Dependents will be dropped from insurance at midnight on their 26th birthday (up and through 25 years)

Early Retirement Questions:

What is the early retirement program?

This program is offered by the University to allow eligible employees an opportunity to partially retire from the University and keep their benefits for a period of time. For full details see (blank).

Am I eligible for early retirement?

To participate in any of the retirement alternatives, the individual must be at least age 55 with a combination of age and years of service which equals or exceeds 70.

How do I apply for early retirement?

Visit Travis Hampshire in MA 111 and ask for the application.  He will explain the program in detail and giver you an estimate of what you should expect from this program. (Would need to tailor to PNC)( For PNC, it’s the employee drafting up their own letter and submitting it to their Dept Head for approval consideration)

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Questions:

What is FMLA and why would I apply?

FMLA is a federally mandated act that was created to protect employees who have to be off work for a qualifying medical reason for more than three consecutive days or intermittently for the same condition for either themselves, their legal spouse, their parent, or one of their dependent children. This act is meant to protect the individual’s job and benefits while out on FMLA leave.

I have enough sick/vacation leave, why do I need FMLA?

FMLA grants eligible employees up to 12 wks of job protected leave, coordinating with the employee’s available leave accrued.

Do I need to use sick/vacation leave when using FMLA?

Employees must use their accrued sick leave while on FMLA leave.

Who do I call for help on FMLA?

Call Kyle Mulcrone, ext. 5301, in HR with questions about FMLA.


For more information, or if you have questions, please contact:

Kyle Mulcrone, Benefits Administrator
(219) 785-5301