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In most cases, honors courses at PNC are existing courses—that count toward major and general education requirements—where an instructor has created a special enhancement for honors students.  This enhancement might be a single special project, or a set of smaller assignments that take the student deeper into the subject material.  Whatever the honors component, it will involve increased collaboration and dialogue with the instructor, and emphasize open exploration, inquiry, and discovery over learning a closed set of facts. Students might explore course questions through primary sources rather than textbooks, might apply course material to the “real world,” synthesize different bodies of knowledge to solve problems, or create individual, in-depth, inquiry-driven projects.

And while students and instructors will often individualize the honors component around a particular student’s interests, the honors component is also something that the instructor has created in consultation with his or her department, and which has been vetted by the Honors Subcommittee, a group of faculty from a variety of disciplines, to ensure consistency in honors coursework around campus.

The only current exception to the honors-component model is the honors section of the First-Year Experience, GS 19100, which is only open to entering honors students.

The following is a list of approved honors courses as of May 2014

  • BIO 28800 Introductory Field Ecology – Vanessa Quinn
  • BIO 46200 Evolution of Human Mating Systems – Vanessa Quinn
  • CHEM 11500 General Chemistry – Jessica Thomas
  • ECON 25200 Macroeconomics – Derek Bjonback
  • EDCI 31100 Media for Children – Mary Jane Eisenhauer
  • EDST 27000 Early Childhood Education – Mary Jane Eisenhauer
  • ENGL 10200 English Composition II – Heather Fielding and Bethany Lee
  • ENGL 20100 The Nature of Literary Study – Heather Fielding
  • ENGL 20500 Introduction to Creative Writing – Bethany Lee and Sarah White
  • ENGL 24100 Survey of British Literature II – Heather Fielding
  • ENGL 25700 Literature of Black America – Jane Rose
  • ENGL 36600 Postcolonial Literatures – Heather Fielding
  • ENGL 38100 British Novel – Heather Fielding
  • ENGL 42000 Business Writing – Bethany Lee and Sarah White
  • GBA 34100 Intermediate Accounting II – Donna Whitten
  • GBG 35300 Organization & Environment – Richard Panton
  • GBM 38100 Principles of Advertising – Patricia Jacoby
  • GS 19100 First-Year Experience – Paul Hecht, Jason Curtis, Kenneth Kincaid, and Heather Fielding
  • HIST 10400 Introduction to the Modern World – Janusz Duzinkiewicz and Michael Lynn
  • HIST 10500 Survey of Global History – Kenneth Kincaid
  • HIST 15100 American History to 1877 – James Pula
  • HIST 27200 History of Latin America Since 1824 – Kenneth Kincaid
  • HIST 33501 Magic, Religion, and Witchcraft in Europe, 1400-1800 – Michael Lynn
  • IDIS 49100 Washington DC: The History, Politics and Culture that Shaped Our Nation – Karen Schmid and Laura Waver
  • MA 16700 Plane Analytical Geometry & Calculus I – Jerry DeGroot and Keith Schwingendorf
  • MA 16900 Plane Analytical Geometry & Calculus II – Jerry DeGroot
  • NUR 22210 Foundations of Nursing – E. Jean Hayes
  • NUR 38900 Family Health Nursing – Angela Schooley
  • OLS 37600 Human Resource Issues – Samuel Rohr
  • OLS 38800 Leadership Through Teams – E. Anne Christo-Baker
  • PHIL 11000 Introduction to Philosophy – Deepa Majumdar
  • PHIL 40800 Philosophy of Friendship and Love – Deepa Majumdar
  • PHYS 22100 General Physics II – Glynn Bricker
  • PSY 12000 Elementary Psychology – Cynthia Zdanczyk
  • PSY 35000 Abnormal Psychology – John Spores
  • PSY 36000 Developmental Psychology – Cheryl DeLeon
  • PSY 37500 Introduction to Counseling and Psychotherapy – Rachel Steffens
  • SOC 10000 Introductory Sociology – Carla Pfeffer, Christabel Rogalin, and Steven “Kim” Scipes
  • SOC 22000 Social Problems – Christabel Rogalin
  • SOC 31700 Sociology of Sex and Sexualities – Carla Pfeffer
  • SOC 34000 General Social Psychology – Christabel Rogalin
  • SWRK 30100 Social Work Research – Roy Fowles
  • SWRK 35900 Macro Practice: Human Service Organizations and the Community – Bennett Nott
  • THTR 34800 Dramatic Performance in Context – Bethany Lee

Honors courses are currently in planning for nursing, education, social work, and engineering and technology.

If you are a faculty member and wish to propose an honors course, visit “Information for Faculty” from the side menu.