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2012 honors students st the lake

PNC Honors students at the Chicago Humanities Festival, October 2012. From left to right: founding Honors Program members Lexie Evan and Meagan West, Social Work majors; Matt Migliorini, Mechanical Engineering major; Raney Chancellor (featured below), Early Childhood Education major; Amanda Chambers, Psychology major; and Emily Wyatt, Biology major.

Honor Students

September: Honors students and faculty meet for lunch and discuss topics ranging from how to get enough sleep while balancing school and the pros and cons of big classes versus small classes.

October: Honors students go bowling, and also travel to Chicago for the Chicago Humanities Festival, where they attend a lecture on public housing in Chicago and see a performance by Ann Waldman, a famous contemporary experimental poet. Honors students also volunteer at the Odyssey program opening ceremony.

December:  Honors students travel to the Chicago Street Theatre in Valparaiso to see The Sound of Music, directed by PNC alum Craig Golbesky.

2012 honors students at bean

Honor Students

Honor Students in Chicago

Meet One of our Outstanding Honors Students

Profile by Amanda Chambers
(PNC Honors student and Psychology major)

Raney Chancellor is currently a sophomore Early Childhood Education major at PNC. When she started attending college, she thought she knew exactly what she wanted to do: to teach younger children, specifically from birth to grade three. But when Raney took her first Early Childhood Education class, she discovered the array of career options her degree will provide her. As of right now, Raney is thinking about developmental therapy, but she is still exploring her options, so this could change before she graduates. She is currently working on her bachelor’s degree, but she wants to get her master’s in the future. “Go big, or go home!” she exclaimed.

Raney is a very active student at PNC. She recently became the president of the PLAYCE club, which is an Early Childhood Education club that puts activities together for young children. She is also devoted to the Honors Program, which she sees as a great opportunity to become more involved on campus and to challenge herself academically.

Raney’s first honors course was EDST 27000, Early Childhood Education, with Dr. Eisenhauer. Raney thought that this course tested her critical thinking skills, but the class was interesting so putting forth the extra effort required as an Honors student was really kind of fun.

When asked what she liked most about the Honors Program at PNC, Raney replied, “I really love the trips and the lunches are good too, not going to lie.” Raney’s favorite Honors field trip this year was to see the Joffery Ballet’s American Legends program in Chicago. “I love Frank Sinatra!” she declared, after seeing the Joffrey’s production of Twyla Tharp’s ballet Nine Sinatra Songs.

Raney encourages any eligible incoming freshmen who want to challenge themselves and get involved to join the Honors Program. “I’m really glad I joined!” she proclaimed.