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The Honors Program at Purdue University North Central is dedicated to enhancing the learning experiences of highly motivated and academically exceptional students. Through special learning opportunities, the Honors Program promotes the goals of general education and fosters academic excellence, critical and creative thinking, intellectual inquiry, social and civic responsibility, and other virtues required of outstanding citizens and leaders in Indiana, the nation, and the world.


PNC’s honors students pursue challenging extra projects in their courses and present their work at undergraduate research conferences, in publications, and at PNC’s Honors Research Day. Since the founding of the program in 2011, PNC’s honors students have created digital humanities projects in creative writing and literature courses, developed field guides to local plants in ecology courses, created podcasts for use in Latin American history courses, researched community health issues in nursing courses, and taught American Sign Language to staff at a nonprofit organization. Beginning in 2015, honors students also have the opportunity to apply for positions as Honors Research Assistants, who are paid to collaborate with faculty on research projects resulting in presentations, publications, or performances.

Beyond the Classroom

The Honors Program is committed to creating opportunities for students to learn outside the classroom as well. Honors students have attended plays at Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago and the Morris Center for the Performing Arts in South Bend. They learned about rock history at the David Bowie Is exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and explored Russian history at a production of a Shostakovich opera by Chicago Opera Theatre. They have listened to world renowned scholars discuss everything from transgenic art to Mayan farming techniques at the Chicago Humanities Festival. They have met local authors, such as music historian Heather Augustyn, and they have played experimental music with members of the International Contemporary Ensemble. Honors students have toured Chicago’s Chinatown, sampled Vietnamese and Lebanese food, and become experts at navigating Chicago public transportation.


Students in the Honors Program are also leaders on campus. In 2014, two honors students represented PNC at the National Collegiate Honors Council conference in Denver. Honors students regularly reach out to scholars on campus and beyond to organize lectures and events. Within the program as well, students have opportunities to chair committees and serve in leadership positions. Honors students build their resumes by developing activities, writing proposals and grants for the program, and organizing events.


The Honors Program creates a community of high-achieving students at PNC. This diverse group of students, ranging in age from 17 to 55 and representing almost every major, meets regularly and provides a network of meaningful support. A peer mentoring program, developed by the Honors Program’s Fall 2014 freshman cohort, connects students new to PNC and/or the Honors Program with current, successful honors students. Peer mentors provide a point of connection between new students and the honors community and offer knowledge, experience, and encouragement.

After College

PNC’s honors students are ambitious in planning their careers after college. The Honors Program encourages these ambitions through extensive mentoring. The program provides information and assistance to support students through applications to postgraduate fellowships, such as the Fulbright, as well as by providing assistance in preparing for graduate school tests such as the GRE.

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Honors Program Contact

Director: Dr. Heather Fielding
Associate Professor of English

President:  Rachel Kunnen

Vice President:  Matt Variot


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PNC Honors Students at the Clement Stacy Undergraduate Research Conference, 2014. From left to right: Aaron Ratigan, Kelsey Tabbert, Alexis Ulrich, Meagan West, and Ashley Pezan

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