Bachelor of Arts in History

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Exploring Historyhourglass

The study of history is vital to an understanding of our contemporary world. Historians analyze places, periods, populations, and processes around the world and dating from antiquity to the present. They explore the connections that make up the complexity of human society – from individuals to institutions, from economics to religion to recreation, and from formal politics to family life.

As they learn to recognize the fundamental importance of context, perspective, and contingency to the changes and continuities that occur within and between individual lives, communities, countries, and continents, students of history acquire not just a firm knowledge of the past but also develop an invaluable way to approach and analyze the world. In short, the study of history provides a framework for understanding the present and charting the future.

Because historical study provides a firm foundation in the critical thinking and communication skills necessary to navigate our complex contemporary world, our majors are highly prepared to succeed in the widest variety of professions, whether medicine or management, teaching or policymaking, consulting or law, or the further study of history.

Program Overview

The PNC Bachelor of Arts degree in History meets the general guidelines of the American Historical Association. Earning a Bachelor’s degree in History will open many opportunities. Graduates with degrees in History will be well suited to pursue careers as researchers, curators, archivists, entrepreneurs, business managers and in government service. The degree also prepares students well for graduate school, MBA programs and law school. Students earning a degree in History will gain essential critical thinking skills, expertise in writing and communication, research capabilities and analytical skills that potential employers find essential in the workplace.

A special feature of the program is its Research Seminar, which will provide students with the opportunity to delve into and investigate local historical societies or other archives. Upon completion of their investigations, students will have an opportunity to present their work. Qualifying students will have their work published in an online departmental journal

The PNC program will apply for membership in the national Phi Alpha Theta national history honor society, which will provide students with an opportunity for recognition of excellence, and allow them to participate in regional and national research conferences and be eligible for various scholarships, awards and recognition.

Course Requirements

Introductory Courses: Students may take these courses to fulfill general education requirements:

  • Intro to the Classical World
  • Intro to the Medieval World
  • Intro to the Modern World
  • American History to 1877
  • United States Since 1877

Required Courses: These courses are required of all students:

  • Survey of Global History
  • Introduction to Historiography
  • Research Seminar in Historical Topics

Sample Elective Courses: Students will select courses in conjunction with their advisor to craft a specialized course of study focusing on United States or European history. Other courses are also offered which fulfill this category of the major:

  • Great Figures in History
  • Gettysburg: Three Days That Changed America
  • Revolutions and Revolutionaries in 20th and 21st Century Latin America
  • Environmental History of Latin America
  • Women in America
  • Early National America: 1787 – 1850
  • Indigenous Traditions of Latin America
  • Europe in the Reformation
  • Kings and Philosophers: Europe 1618 – 1789
  • Road to WWI: Europe 1870 – 1919
  • Dictatorship and Democracy: Europe 1919 – 1945
  • The Revolutionary Era, 1763 to 1800
  • Jacksonian America 1815 – 1850
  • The Civil War and Reconstruction, 1850 – 1877
  • Immigration and Ethnicity in US History
  • The Emergence of Modern America
  • Recent American History

What’s Next?

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