Pre-Licensing Course for Indiana Home Inspectors


Indiana is a state where home inspectors must be licensed professionals. This state-approved home inspection training will help you achieve the knowledge and skills needed to become a professional home inspector and gain the credentials you need to operate a thriving business. You will learn through intensive classroom instruction and by performing live inspections and writing up actual reports.

A study to instruct on all major components in a residence. How to properly identify them and how to determine the components current condition. In depth study of applicable Indiana State Law, Report Writing and Marketing a Home Inspection Business.
Course is designed to meet the guidelines for providing Home Inspection services in the State of Indiana, and is a requirement to apply for a Home Inspectors License in the State of Indiana.

This course is not a preparation course for taking the National Home Inspectors Exam.

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Spring/Summer 2016 

Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4/5 - 5/26 Time: 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. CST Location: Purdue University Calumet, Hammond, IN Registration Deadline (including all books and materials): $1,350.00 Instructor: Ken Jones

Frequently Asked Questions

All answers are provided by the instructor of the course.

Q: Are home inspections required by the State or by financial institutions prior to the sale of a property? What is the demand for somone in this career? A: "It is not a state law that you have to have a home inspection done, before you buy a property, but home inspections in this state can only be done legally by a licensed inspector.

It is smart to get one done and 99% of the realtors recommend having one done (they see it as limiting their liability, whether real or not).

Banks recommend them, but if you’re dealing with a foreclosure, they usually are sold on an As-Is basis, so the home inspection is more for the buyer to identify repair work.

In the real estate contract that is used in this state, it has a section that the sale is pending the satisfactory acceptance of all inspections (property, well, septic etc.) and a time frame is given (usually 7- to 10 days). Based on what the inspection finds, the buyer can renegotiate the price, or get out of the deal. Once accepted, or the client does not want an inspection, the sales goes to closing, and the buyer becomes the owner.

Both the home inspection and appraisal are done before the closing.  The appraisal is a totally different thing. Appraisers are also licensed by the state, and hired by the bank. Their purpose is to appraise the value of the property/ compared to what the buyer is paying (or borrowing). You can ask for a million dollars for your house, but if the appraiser says it is only worth 50,000, the bank will not loan you more than 50,000. "

Q: After taking this course, are you qualifed to take the National Home Inspector Exam and become licensed?

A: The law of Indiana is:

  1. You have to take a qualified training class which consists of a total of  60 hours (48 hours of class work covering all areas of home inspection as required by the state, and 12 hours of “Lab” work.) I cover the “Lab Work” by taking the students to actual inspections at property in LaPorte county. This is a Pass / Fail course, with tests, lectures, homework etc.
  2. Once you pass the course, you are qualified to take a National Exam. Last year given in Ft. Wayne, costs around $300.
  3. Once you pass the national test, You send your proof of passing the course, passing the national test, and proof of having the required liability insurance, plus you application and fee to the state, and they send you back a license, renewable every two years.
  4. To renew in two years, you have to take 32 hours of continuing education.

Now the course is based on the requirements for licensing in Indiana, in addition to the many technical areas, report writing requirements, marketing, equipment, national organizations, plus the chance to interact with a working inspector.

The license requirements for Indiana follow the breath of technical knowledge you need to pass the national exam. The text we use, is a recommend study guide for the national exam, but our class is not a study class for the national exam (although it would be very helpful if you’re just interested in the national exam).

Instructor Qualifications

You may be interested to know that Ken’s background is not in the building trades.  After 30 years holding various management positions in the high tech industry, including marketing and product development, his interest in home inspections came from buying his first investment / rehab property project in the early 90s.

This sideline offered him many lessons, from looking at many structures, making comparisons to choose the best property, comparing properties based on estimated rehab / construction costs, prioritizing jobs, understanding structure, choosing different materials. He learned and honed his knowledge of every aspect of what makes a good, well constructed structure. Over the years, he has taken 100’s of hours of Continuing Education credits in all aspects of structural components.

Instructor Biography

For over a decade, Ken Jones of B-E Home Inspections, LLC. has been serving the real estate market in Northwest Indiana and Southwestern Michigan. As a independently owned and managed company, Ken offers individualized service to all of his clients. Inspections are not done in a "cookie cutter" way, since each client has individual concerns that need to be addressed. Each structure, as well, is unique and deserves a through and knowledgeable investigation of all of it's components and systems. Over the years Ken has done thousands of inspections for buyers, sellers, investors, Banks, Insurance companies... anybody who needs to know about the condition of a property.

Certificates and Licenses

  • Certified  to perform  Air Quality / Mold inspections
  • Certified FHA Inspector
  • Certified Lead Tester
  • Certified by the State of Indiana as a Weatherization Auditor
  • Licensed by the State of Indiana to perform WDO / Pest Inspections
  • Licensed by the State of Indiana to perform Radon Testing
  • Licensed by the State of Indiana to perform Home / Small Business Inspections