For Lifelong Learners

Graduate and Extended Learning supports PNC's mission of serving our region by offering  lifelong learning opportunities to the community. You don't have to be enrolled as a PNC student to continue on your life's educational journey with us.

A variety of online courses, travel study programs,  professional development workshops, personal enrichment opportunities, pre-licensing programs, conferences and other resources are offered through our department with lifelong learners in mind.

Take the first step towards adopting a philosophy of lifelong learning and achieving your goals by exploring your options below.

Professional Development


We focus on the knowledge, skills and abilities that you need to achieve your goals and advance your career.

Distance and Online Learning


These online courses are student-focused, flexible and still give you one-on-one support from easily accessible instructors.

Pre-Licensing Programs


Take the first step towards your career as a real estate salesperson or home inspector in the state of Indiana with us.

Travel Study


Participate in our short-term domestic and international travel study programs as a non-credit lifelong learner.

Personal Enrichment


Allow yourself to explore your personal abilities to creative, innovate, and express. Learn new skills, pursue your special interests, and discover new hobbies to indulge in during your leisure time.

Community Resources


Find out about other lifelong learning opportunities that available to you in Northwest Indiana.