Exit Counseling Procedures

Exit Counseling is required for all students that have graduated, withdrawn, or at some point enrolled in less than 6 credit hours (half-time). Exit Counseling provides information to students on your rights and responsibilities as a student loan borrower. You will also learn useful tips to help you manage your loans and prevent loan delinquency or loan default. You can complete your Exit Counseling session and get information on managing repayment at StudentLoans.gov.

Additional resources are available to help you with managing student loan debt and your money:

My Money Purdue – tips on money for college students

MyMoney.gov – financial education basics

You can also contact the PNC Financial Aid Office at (219) 785-5460, or email us at finaid@pnc.edu

If you are planning to come back to PNC, or attend another university, stop in the Financial Aid Office at PNC to complete an In School Deferment form. You cannot complete this form until you are registered for the upcoming term. This form alerts your lenders that you are now back in school at an “AT LEAST HALF-TIME STATUS” (6 credit hours or above). This will take you out of repayment until you graduate, withdraw, or stop attending at an at least half-time status.

Once you have completed the Exit Counseling process, PNC will be notified electronically. You are not required to notify PNC.