Frank O’Bannon and 21st Century Scholars Changes

The law also establishes incentives for Frank O’Bannon recipients meeting the following criteria:

  • Frank O’Bannon recipients awarded an academic or technical honors diploma will receive an incentive during their first year in college.  This incentive will continue during the student’s sophomore, junior, and senior years as long as the student maintains a cumulative GPA of  3.0 GPA or higher
  • Frank O’Bannon recipients who complete 39 credit hours after their first year and complete 78 credit hours after their second year are eligible for an accelerated track incentive.
  • Frank O’Bannon recipients pursuing a four-year degree after completing an associate’s degree are also eligible for an incentive.

Other provisions included in the law:

  • Removes the tiered GPA policy and replaces it with the Satisfactory Academic Progress GPA requirement as defined by the institution (Purdue University North Central).
  • Establishes annual awards rather than term-based awards, allowing students greater flexibility in using their state aid.
  • Sets into law an appeals process for students unable to meet the above requirements.

1415 Frank O’Bannon Award Schedule

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