PNC Proxy Access

Students at PNC now have the ability to authorize another person, such as a parent or guardian, to view their student information as displayed within Self-Service Banner (SSB). Individuals granted Proxy access by a student will have the ability to view Self-Service Banner (SSB) pages for that specific student, as authorized by the student, such as financial aid award and summary information, descriptions of holds on records, grades, unofficial transcripts, and class and final exam schedules.

Students may also provide a passphrase to a proxy for them to use when speaking with a PNC representative (Enrollment Services staff or Academic Advisors) about their data contained within the student information system. This added security ensures the confidentiality of a student’s information under FERPA regulations. A PNC staff member will only be able to discuss information about the student, in person or over the phone, after the proxy has provided the passphrase for that student to the PNC representative.

Steps to Assigning Proxy Access

  1. Sign on to Self-Service Banner(SSB) from the Student Banner page in the My PNC Portal
  2. Click on FERPA/PNC Proxy Access
  3. Click on PNC Proxy Access Management

Students may revoke proxy access authorizations at any time via Self-Service Banner (SSB) by removing permission from a proxy user.

For information about authorizing other individuals (such as parents or guardians) to view a bursar bill, and to pay all or part of the balance due, see Bursar Bill and Payment Authorization. For more information about access to Bursar Account information, including e-bills, students must create an Authorized Payer access from the Manage My Account link from the Student Banner page within the My PNC Portal. This is separate from the Proxy Access process.