Mechanical Engineering Technology

Mechanical engineering technology includes the integration of methods, materials, machinery, and human resources found in today’s modern industries. Engineering, scientific, and manufacturing principles are applied to the following technical areas: design and development; manufacturing and production; quality control and cost analysis; the generation, transmission, and utilization of mechanical energy, fluid energy, and thermodynamic energy.

Graduates of the mechanical engineering technology program, described in the associate degree section, are eligible to enter into this two-year capstone curriculum offered at the North Central campus in conjunction with the School of Technology of Purdue University at West Lafayette. The bachelor of science degree program prepares graduates for technical positions in manufacturing and production industries. Mechanical engineering technologists fill a wide variety of industrial positions in product development, manufacturing, production, supervision, and plant operations.

The primary goal of the curriculum is to provide all graduates with a solid technical foundation which will enable them to adapt and grow into a wide variety of employment opportunities.


The Mission of the Mechanical Engineering Technology Program at Purdue University North Central is to provide an associate and bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering technology (MET) within the general missions of Purdue University and the College of Engineering and Technology.

The MET associate program is designed to prepare students for entry into the workforce and/or to continue their education in the baccalaureate program.  

The MET bachelor program is designed to prepare students for entry into the workforce for various manufacturing and/or engineering technology positions.

Degrees and Certificate Available

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This program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) of ABET,