Writing Center – Tutorials

What Happens in a Tutorial?

The answer is..... a lot!  In the Writing Center , students, whether experienced or inexperienced, can work with experienced readers (our tutors) and gather ideas for creating and improving writing assignments.  Writing assignments need not be limited to just English class!  Tutors can also aid students in writing research papers and essays for any writing need.

What happens in a tutorial?

1. We ask questions! What is your assignment?  What have you written and how do you feel about your writing?  What is your main argument? What are your concerns with your writing?

2. We read out loud!  Reading a paper out loud tells us what to listen for in your paper.  It also helps you catch mistakes that you may have made in your draft.

3. We look at the global issues in your paper. By global, we mean, does your paper express its main idea clearly?  Is your paper organized and do your arguments have enough support?

4. We look at the late concerns in your paper. These concerns would be sentence level issues such as comma splices, grammar, and coherence.  Are you using punctuation in the proper place and do your arguments make sense grammatically?

5. We discuss your plans for revision. While this may signal a stopping point as far as the tutorial is concerned, it is not where revision and work on the assignment ends. This is the point where we talk about how you plan to revise your paper and discuss what needs to be done.  We may suggest, at this point, that you return to the writing center with your revised draft for further work.

How Do We Help You?

If  your writing concerns are more specific as to what work you need to do on an assignment, come in and work with us on any or all of the following:

Pre-Writing: brainstorm ideas, choose/narrow topics, develop/focus a thesis, and organize your paper's content.

Drafting: develop paragraphs, add specific and vivid details, and add in-depth critical analysis.

Revising: add, cut, and rearrange according to comments made by your instructor.

Editing: overcome any problems with grammar, punctuation, and style.

There are, however, limits to what we can do. We cannot proofread, rewrite a paper, or guarantee "A" papers.  Please have reasonable expectations and be open minded when you visit us.

What Other Services Does the Writing Center Offer?

· Aside from one on one tutoring, the Writing Center offers many other forms of writing assistance:

· We can help you use a computer from inserting a disk to using commands to printing a paper.

· We can assist in gathering sources for research papers by   navigating the Internet, searching the on-line library catalog, and evaluating reliable materials.

· We can aid in analyzing and evaluating the content of source materials as well as incorporating   quotes from sources into papers.

· We can help you work with in-text citations and Works Cited/Reference pages in both MLA and APA format styles.

What Should You Expect From the Writing Center?

The tutors are usually able to give you immediate help if you walk in for a session. Tutors also routinely set up personalized help programs for each student. Standing appointments with a particular tutor can help you throughout the semester, right up until the week before final exams.  It may be a wise choice to make an appointment, especially if you find a tutor you work well with and want a guaranteed session.

Instructors also often refer students to the Writing Center. If you receive one-on-one tutoring in composition or on the computer, the tutors will send your instructor a report on the work that you have completed. This report allows us to communicate with your instructor and helps assure that your needs are being met on all levels.

Drop by our office and check us out!  We look forward to seeing you!