Writing Center – FAQ

Who goes to the Writing Center?

Anyone! Beginning as well as advanced writers can come for assistance at any level of the writing process.

What happens in the Writing Center?

The Writing Center is the only location on campus where students can receive one-on-one tutoring for generating, revising, and editing papers, as well as one-on-one computer instruction for word processing and using the Internet. We also have audiotape tutorials, informative handouts, exercise worksheets, and reference materials to assist you.

Writers can get help with a tutor at any step in the writing process. For more information on what happens in a tutorial, check out the Tutorial Process Page.

Students may also use the writing center to study, write their papers, or do online research.

What will and what won't a tutor do for me?

A tutor will :

Tutors WILL Not

· Suggest way for you to revise your work· Help you brainstorm· Aid you with the global (organization and thesis) aspects of your paper.· Write your paper for you· Edit or proofread your paper · Type your paper

What should I bring to the Writing Center?

When coming to the Writing Center, always BE PREPARED!

You should ALWAYS bring:

  • Assignment Sheets
  • Your papers (whether they are graded or not)
  • Your referrals slips
  • Your textbooks & resources
  • A flash drive or storage device
  • Your notes
  • Also know your PNC User ID and Password!

Where is the Writing Center and when is it open?

The Purdue University North Central Writing Center is in LSF 211 and is open weekdays.

What materials does the Writing Center have to help me?

We have, aside from tutors that will guide you through the writing process, other great materials to aid students in writing:

  • Computers
  • Computer grammar tutorials
  • Various reference books (Textbooks, MLA and APA manuals, dictionaries, and thesauruses)
  • Grammar handouts

What can I use the computers for and can I get help using them?

Computers in the Writing Center can be used for typing papers, checking the PNC I-drive, using the internet, and checking email. Our computers have Microsoft Word (sorry, we are not Word Perfect or MS Works compatible) and have Zip drives. We do offer basic computer assistance for the computer illiterate.  We do, however, have two requirements when using the computers:

  1. Anything that is printed must be academic.
  2. The computer may be used to surf the web unless all our computers are full. If a student comes in to type a paper and you are surfing the net, then you must surrender your computer.

Do you have an online writing lab where I can email my work to and get a response via the Internet?

No. At this point in time we do not have the capabilities or the staff necessary to handle an OWL (online writing lab).

Do I have to make an appointment?

An appointment is not necessary, but during midterms and “Dead Week” (the week before finals) it is advisable to make an appointment to insure the availability of a tutor. Drop-ins are also accepted if a tutor is free.

What are referrals and do I have to have one?

A referral is a blue slip given to you by your professor that requires that you seek help in the Writing Center . After you receive a referral, you have five days to come see a tutor or make an appointment in the Writing Center . Computer usage, however, does not count in fulfilling the referral. A referral is not something to worry about because seeking help is a positive matter. You do not, however, have to be “referred” to come to the writing center.

Can I eat in the Writing Center?

Certainly, but please keep all food and drink away from the computers since spilled drinks and keyboards don't get along.

Can I leave my stuff here if I decide to leave the room?

The Writing Center is not responsible for lost or stolen property. If you don't want the risk of parting with your valuables, then it is advisable that you not leave them here.