Modern Languages

Purdue North Central offers courses in American Sign Language (ASL), French, German, and Spanish, as well as Hispanic Literature. Check the current course descriptions for more details.      


Pertinent Information For Students Planning to Take a Foreign Language

Anyone coming in with or without foreign language experience and planning on taking a foreign language class should read the following:

  1. If you already have background knowledge, that is, high school courses, of French, German, or Spanish and you wish to take a class higher than the beginning level, you must take the placement test.
  2. If you have had two years or more of one of these languages in high school, you may not take the first semester course in that language. Therefore, you must take the placement test.
  3. If your high school background of one of these languages is from five (or more) years ago, you may enroll in a beginning or introductory level of that language and do not need the test.
  4. If you don’t have a background in a foreign language, you may register for the first level and do not need the test.
  5. If you are a Native Speaker, and did not graduate from an American high school, you may not take the placement exam for credit.
  6. If you qualified and had a PNC Dual Credit Language Course in high school for French, German or Spanish, you may not take the placement exam. Credits are processed through the Dual Credit program, which should provide all your qualifying credits and you will be eligible to enroll in higher levels of that language.

Tests may be taken only once per foreign language. No fee is required. You can qualify to receive credit for up to four levels, or a total of 12 credits; that is, 3 credits each for French, German, or Spanish, Levels I, II, III, IV. You will need your PUID, your student login and password information. The tests are electronic and the definitive results are given shortly after finishing the test.


American Sign Language

American Sign Language is not considered a foreign language; however, as a modern language in the Department of English & Modern Languages, American Sign Language does fulfill the foreign language requirement in some disciplines. If you have a background in American Sign Language and wish to test into a higher level, or you have questions regarding American Sign Language, you should contact:

Prof. Karen Donah
Continuing Lecturer and Coordinator of American Sign Language
Department of English & Modern Languages
Phone: (219) 785-5432
Voice/VP (219) 785-8892