Dr. Paul Hecht

photo of Hecht

Paul Hecht

Associate Professor of English

First Year Experience Program Coordinator

PNC Theatre Program Director

Technology Building 325
Ext. 5296

B.A., Amherst College, 1996 (English)
M.A., Cornell University, 1999 (English)
M.F.A., Cornell University, 1999 (Poetry Writing)
Ph.D., Cornell University, 2004 (English)

Began at Purdue North Central

Courses Taught Recently
ENGL 10100 English Composition I
ENGL 10200 English Composition II
ENGL 22100 Intro to Shakespeare
ENGL 23700 Intro to Poetry
ENGL 24000 Survey of British Literature: From the Beginnings Through the Neoclassical Period
ENGL 24100 Survey of British Literature: From the Rise of Romanticism to the Modern Period
ENGL 26600 World Literature I: From the Beginnings to 1700
ENGL 37700 Major Modern Poetry
ENGL 44200 Shakespeare
ENGL 44400 Milton’s Major Poetry
GS 19100 Freshman Year Experience I
THTR 34800 Dramatic Performance in Context

Research Interests
I am currently at work on a book project, titled “What Rosalind Likes: Elizabethan Poetic Evaluation.” This book gathers my interests in early modern poetry and drama following a single character shared by three important authors (Spenser, Lodge, and Shakespeare) in the last decades of the sixteenth century.

I also regularly review books on Renaissance literature and local performances of early modern drama.

Recent Publications

Hecht, Paul J. “Distortion, Aggression, and Sex in Mary Wroth’s Sonnets” forthcoming in Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900 Vol. 53, no. 1 (Winter 2013).

Hecht, Paul J. “Letters for the Dogs: Chasing Spenserian Alliteration” Spenser Studies Vol. 25 (2010): 263–285.

Hecht, Paul J. “Erotic Subjects: The Sexuality of Politics in Early Modern Literature.” By Melissa E. Sanchez. In Clio: A Journal of Literature, History, and the Philosophy of History Vol. 41, no. 2 (Spring 2012): 263–66.

Hecht, Paul J. “Volpone, or, the Fox.” Shakespeare Bulletin Vol. 29, no. 4 (Winter 2011): 672–74.

Recent Presentations

“Negative Aesthetics: Rosalind, Adorno, and the Shepheardes Calender,” in panel sponsored by Spenser at Kalamazoo, 47th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, May, 2012.

“G. Gascoigne: Elizabethan Almost-Sonneteer,” in “Petrarch in England,” panel at Renaissance Society of America annual meeting, Venice, Italy, April, 2010.

“Persuasion, Character, and Fairie Queene Book 3,” in “Spenser and Character,” panel sponsored by the International Spenser Society, Modern Language Association annual meeting, Philadelphia, PA December, 2009.

Dr. Hecht is director of PNC’s Spring Play at Mainstreet Theatre, Michigan City
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