Larryl K. Matthews, Ph.D.

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Professor of Mechanical Engineering
ASME Fellow

Technology Building 061 
(219) 785-5271

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Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, 1982
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, New Mexico State University, 1975
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, New Mexico State University, 1974

Courses Taught

  • ENGR 17100 Engineering Fundamentals I
  • ENGR 18100 Engineering Fundamentals II
  • ENGR 46100 Engineering Design Experience
  • ENGR 49900 Electronic Measurement Techniques
  • ME 30201 Thermodynamics II
  • ME 31001 Fluid Mechanics
  • ME 31601 Heat and Mass Transfer
  • ME 41000 Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics
  • ME 47900 Solar Engineering Systems

Academic Experience

Dean/Professor, Purdue University North Central, 2006-present

Dr. Matthews joined PNC with the charge of starting engineering degree programs and growing degree programs in engineering technology.  PNC became autonomous in 2006 and established the College of Engineering & Technology that year.  Dr. Matthews became the Founding Dean of the college in the fall of 2006.


  • Developed the structure for the first College of Engineering & Technology
  • Developed successful proposals for the establishment of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Construction Engineering & Management Technology
  • Established the first Dean’s Advisory board
  • Developed procedures for faculty and staff evaluation within the college
  • Developed committees and faculty programs for the college 
  • Developed new engineering laboratories for the new programs
  • Developed a new freshman engineering sequence that included writing a textbook
  • Started several programs to communicate with faculty including twice a semester faculty workshops and Green Chile Breakfasts to bring faculty together
  • Developed several new courses for the new engineering curriculum
  • Led the search for new faculty
  • Emphasized faculty development and the start of a faculty development fund and procedures    

Dean/Professor, University of Maine, Orono, ME, 1999- 2006

Dr. Matthews instituted many programs at UMaine that benefit faculty, students, staff, and alumni.  He realigned the budgeting process, developed new revenue sources focused on student labs, increased starting salaries, increased student enrollment, developed programs for faculty to double research awards, renovated labs, increased endowments, started the college alumni program, and more.  He also worked to bring two new buildings to the college.  These were the first since 1973.

All of these actions led to a stronger and more efficient College of Engineering and University of Maine. 

Achievements As Dean at UMaine:

  • Budget and OperatingAcademics
    • Reallocated budgets for departments to an understandable and fair process
    • Established an annual budget retreat focused on budget issues for Chairs
    • Established a second retreat at mid-year to cover multiple issues including budget update
    • Established top-level advisory council
    • Established faculty committees to communicate budget, and other, issues
    • Established Curriculum Fee to focus on student laboratories
    • Established Program Fee to focus on retention and graduation improvement
    • Started annual Chair evaluation process
    • Established Associate Dean for Academics
    • Established Academic Council (faculty members) to set and review policy
    • Established Dean’s Award for faculty recognition
    • Established General Engineering Mentoring (GEM) program
    • Established High School Teacher recognition program
    • Consolidated Chemical and Biological Engineering into one administrative program
    • Realigned and revamped several degree programs
    • Developed new calculus/engineering courses
    • Started first endowments for undergraduate labs
    • Started Green Chile Breakfast effort to meet with each department on an annual basis
    • Started annual emeriti faculty/alumni appreciation event
  • Research
    • Established Associate Dean for Research position
    • Added Grants Officer to assist faculty in research efforts
    • Established seminars devoted to improving funding opportunities
    • Established travel budget for faculty to visit funding organizations
    • Established Research Council (faculty members)
    • Started lab renovation program
    • Doubled research funding in five years
    • Established new faculty hire rules (10%-er)
    • New Engineering and Science Research Building
    • New Advanced Manufacturing Center
  • Alumni and Outreach
    • Established Advancement Office
    • Started annual visit program to alumni around the country
    • Started company visit program around Maine
    • Started Francis Crowe Society to honor alumni and friends
    • Started Green Chile Breakfast effort for local city councils
    • Started naming of events program after deserving faculty and friends
    • Established giving campaign for the college
    • Developed funding for Cloke Plaza

Associate Dean and Director, Engineering Research Center (ERC), New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM, 1989-1999

As Associate Dean for Research and Director of the ERC, Dr. Matthews was responsible for assisting faculty in developing research programs and capabilities consistent with university goals and policies, helping the Dean establish strategic objectives and priorities, and providing daily oversight of all administrative activities.  This included working with industry to develop opportunities for intellectual property and building lasting relationships between the college and industry.
Achievements  During tenure as Associate Dean and Director of the ERC:

  • Annual research expenditures for the college grew from $3.2 million in 1989 to over $22 million in 1999
  • Significant research programs were established in advanced manufacturing, bridge research, high performance computing, surety technology, and waste management
  • Student research employment in the college rose to 956 in 1998
  • Working with industry to develop interactions with the college
  • Develop and cost multidisciplinary budgets
  • Budget monitoring and contract negotiations for the DOE Waste Management Education and Research Consortium
  • The number of proposals written and submitted by faculty doubled over this period from approximately 90 to over 300
  • The number of subcontracts administered grew from zero to over 50
  • Acted as coordinator for the Texas A&M TEES – NMSU partnership
  • Established guidelines for faculty research and budget responsibilities

Professor (1991), Associate Professor and Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, New Mexico State University, 1982-1999

Experience in Research Administration

10 years experience in administering grants, contracts, technology transfer, fiscal services, regulations, and compliance issues as research center director and associate dean.                                                    

Non-Academic Experience

  • Secretary/Treasurer, Riddle, Morgan, Matthews, and Townsend, Las Cruces, NM, 1991-1994
  • Vice President/Secretary, Applied Technical Optics and Material Sciences, Las Cruces, NM, 1988-1991
  • Consultant, Nondestructive Testing, Sandia National Laboratories  
  • Member of Technical Staff, Test Engineer, Central Receiver Test Facility, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM, 1976-1981

At Sandia, he participated in a wide range of experimental and theoretical studies.  He worked in a fast growing, dynamic environment in which work often began at the design stage and continued through the testing and analysis stages.  This required interfacing with experimenters such as Boeing, Black & Veatch, Martin Marietta and Rockwell as well as others.  At times he was in control of and directed 10-15 technicians.  
Achievements  A partial list of major contributions include:

  • Testing of the Martin Marietta 5MWth salt cooled receiver,
  • Testing of the Boeing 1MWth Bench Model Solar receiver, 
  • Testing of the McDonnell Douglas, Rocketdyne solar receiver, 
  • Design of the Flux Gage Calibration Station at the CRTF, 
  • Spectral characterization of the sun using a net-radiometer, 
  • Design and characterization of the 5KWth NMSU solar furnace, 
  • Spectral characterization of Pyromark & 3-M black coatings, 
  • Design, analysis, fabrication and testing of a system to measure high solar heat flux, 
  • Testing and evaluation of new and old high temperature insulators in an intense solar environment, 
  • Analysis and calibration of circular foil heat flux gages and photovoltaic sensors, 
  • Worked with Smithsonian astrophysicists searching for the evaporation of  primordial black holes, 
  • Taught, as part of a team, an out of hours solar energy course to Sandia personnel, 
  • Developed techniques for advanced data analysis

General Background

  • 25 years experience in managing programs in academe, industry, and national laboratories
  • 25 years experience in scientific and engineering fields
  • Served as a manager, tenured professor, and engineer
  • Served as primary advisor for MS and PhD students                                        

Professional Activities                    

ASME Fellow; Member of Laser Institute of America, American Astronomical Society, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Sociedad de Engenieros and Francis Crowe Society


  • Dean’s Award of Excellence, New Mexico State University, 1996
  • Magoon Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student/Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, 1981-1982
  • David Ross Graduate Fellowship, 1982
  • Kaiser Graduate Fellowship, 1981
  • Who’s Who in Science and Engineering

Research Awards    

Served as Principal Investigator on more than 25 research projects  sponsored by federal agencies, national laboratories, and industry

Service Activities

  • Served on 20 university committees including the Provost Council, President’s Council, Academic Dean’s Council, Building Committees, Research Council, General Education Committee, New Mexico Alliance for Minority Participation (AMP) Advisory Board and PNC Advisory Board
  • Management Board, Center for Space Power, Texas A&M
  • Affiliate Member, Texas Engineering Experiment Station
  • Maine Space Grant Board of Governors (Chair)


Served as author or co-author on more than 60 refereed publications, refereed conference publications, invited papers, publications in proceedings, and two books:

  • Matthews, Larryl, Engineering Fundamentals, Linus Publications, 2009.
  • Matthews, Larryl and Gabe Garcia, Laser and Eye Safety in the Laboratory, IEEE Press, 1995.