The Tools of Engagement

As part of moving to an electronic way of assessing your performance, we have partnered with TaskStream.com.  This service will allow you to submit certain KEY assignments electronically and access these assignment descriptions and rubrics easily.  TaskStream will help also with tracking your performances more systematically as you move through the Block courses.

A pilot group of students found other features such as planning lessons, making rubrics, and locating standards, to be an added benefit for them personally as they are progressing through the program.  TaskStream will enable faculty to assess the KEY assignments online using the rubrics that are aligned to our program’s outcomes.  The faculty envisions this as a tremendous way to measure candidate performance and help improve the overall program.

Since all block/strand III  and higher courses have at least one KEY assignment that will be submitted through this service, all education students in block/strand III courses and higher are required to purchase a subscription to the website.

TaskStream Information

How to purchase Taskstream (this subscription is required of all Elementary Education students once they begin block/strand III.)

How to add an assignment to TaskStream