Frequently Asked Questions

Can I complete my major in 4 years?

All School of Education major programs are intended to be 4-year programs.  However, if you do not meet the admission requirements for the Teacher Education Program (Phase I and II) in a timely manner, you will have difficulty completing your program within this time frame.

When should I be admitted to the Teacher Education Program?

You should be admitted to the Teacher Education Program before you register for your Method courses.  Applications for admission into the Education Program are due by July 1st for Fall admission and November 1st for Spring admission.  See Admission Applications.

What happens if my GPA drops below what is required after I have been admitted to the Teacher Education Program?

You are expected to maintain the required GPA from your admittance to Phase I through Phase II and student teaching.  If it drops below for one semester, you will be denied admittance to Phase II and will not be allowed to student teach until it is regained.

If I get a “C” in a method course, do I have to retake it? What about a “D”?

You are expected to maintain a 3.0/4.0 GPA in your education coursework.  You are allowed to get a “C” in a course as long as the overall average does not drop below 3.0.  All “D’s” in education coursework have to be repeated.

How do I register for the PPST (Pre-Professional Skills Test)?

Registration bulletins are available in the Education Office (TECH 205), you may register on line at or you may register by phone at 800-772-9476.  You can also register for the computer based PPST at the Prometric Testing Centers.

How do I know if the courses I take at another college will transfer to Purdue?

For courses taken at other universities there is a form called a “Substitution Request” that should be completed before a course is taken at that university. This form is processed/evaluated by Credit Evaluation, who will make the decision regarding how a course will transfer.  Your academic counselor will receive the results of the evaluation and make the determination if the course(s) can be used to meet your degree requirements.

It is recommended that you meet with academic counselor before starting this process. You have to have a “C” or above for a course to transfer into Purdue University.