Disposition & Professional Behavior Policy

The mission of the PNC Education Unit is to serve area residents, agencies, and schools with exceptional teacher education programs. To fulfill this mission, PNC Education faculty work closely with local schools and agencies to provide various opportunities for candidates to learn to be effective educators, to discover the fulfillment of becoming a lifelong learner, and to engage in ongoing professional learning and development activities. The Unit is committed to providing, assessing, and enhancing candidates’ knowledge as well as helping candidates develop skills and dispositions that are necessary for becoming effective educators who are able to foster PreK-12 students’ positive development through learning, discovery, and engagement. The Unit’s conceptual framework is: Effective Educators Committed to Continuous Growth and Educational Reform. The conceptual framework reflects the PNC Education Unit’s belief that effective teachers not only master professional and content knowledge, but are also committed to lifelong learning and ethical practice that lead to educational reform. The Unit believes that PNC teacher preparation programs should support candidates’ continual growth in not only necessary knowledge and skills but also necessary dispositions and professional behaviors for becoming effective educators.

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