Workshop Materials Archive

The OLT provides many opportunities for professional development on a wide variety of topics. On this page you will find links to all of our previous presentations, including slides and audio/video recordings where available. Please contact us at if you have any questions, or would like to schedule a face-to-face version of one of these workshops for yourself or your department.

BlackBoard Workshops

Putting it All Together – Designing a Great BlackBoard Course

This session will help you go from start to finish in building an efficient, effective, and engaging course using BlackBoard Learn. This includes learning all about the new features available in BlackBoard starting this May!
Review the archived Echo360 recording (7-1-14)

Accessibility in BlackBoard Learn

Held on March 25 (webcast) and March 27 (workshop), 2014

Basics/Refresher Course

This workshop delivers instruction and practice for the following:

  • Customize menu items
  • Add files, folders, and links
  • Customize your homepage and “look and feel”
  • Create meaningful discussions

Download Basics workshop handouts (PDF)

Archived Echo360 Session from 10-7-13

 Teaching Effectively in Blackboard Learn

The second installment delivers understanding the elements of an effective course design, as well as creating engaging activities and meaningful interactions with the following tools in BB Learn:

  • Assignments
  • Rubrics
  • Discussions
  • Wikis
  • Blogs
  • Groups

Download Teach Effectively workshop handouts (PDF)

Archived Echo360 Session from 10-9-13

Assess and Grade Efficiently in Blackboard Learn

This workshop delivers instruction and practice for the following:

  • Creating an assessment
  • Using the grade center
  • Creating course reports
  • Issuing early warning systems

Download Assess and Grade workshop handouts (PDF)

Archived Echo360 session from 10-17-13

Advanced Tips!

This workshop delivers instruction and practice for the following:

  • Using the Enrollment Manager
  • Utilizing the rich text editor
  • Uploading multiple files through your content collection
  • Exporting/importing Learn quizzes
  • Integrating additional technologies

Download Advanced Tips workshop handouts (PDF)

Archived Echo360 session from 10-18-13


respondusOn February 21, 2011, Dr. Jason Curtis shared his experiences with using the Respondus exam-building software among faculty members during an afternoon presentation in LSF 170A.  Those who attended learned of the many benefits of using the software, specifically importing exams created as Word documents and the advantages of downloading publisher testbanks.

Respondus Workshop Recording-view the recorded workshop.

 Design for Success in BlackBoard

bbOn March 15, 2011, Dr. Mary Jane Eisenhauer shared how she has utilized the various tools in Blackboard, primarily her organization of course materials usign the learning modules feature.  Dr. Eisenhauer discussed the many advantages of using learning modules, whether one teaches face-to-face, hybrid, or online.

Blackboard Workshop Recording- view the recorded workshop.

Multimedia Workshops

Video and Multimedia for Teaching

Learn more about how you can put theories of multimedia learning to use in your classroom. A review of Camtasia, Snag-It, and the new WebEx platform is provided.

Presentation from September 19, 2014

Flipping the Classroom – Lecture Recording, Editing, and Publishing

Learn how to use Camtasia and other tools to help you record engaging, inventive lectures that demonstrate key concepts for your students. With these videos you can have students watch your lecture in advance and come to class ready to learn!

Review archived Echo360 recording from 5-29-14

Video Captioning

Held on April 15 (webcast), 16 (workshop), & 17 (repeat) 2014

Flipping Your Classroom

Held on September 25 (webcast) and September 27 (workshop), 2013

 Jazzing Up Your Presentations

To be held on November 20 (webcast) and November 22 (workshop), 2013

Learning and Teaching Workshops

Assessment Tools and Strategies

Assessment is not always easy – how do we know whether students are really learning in our courses? A key strategy is to align your course objectives to your tests, projects, and other assessments, making sure that what you’re measuring is really what you’re teaching. This presentation will give you some tools and ideas for helping ensure that your students are getting the most from your courses.

Designing Authentic, Quality Assessments

Assessment can be difficult, especially when designing new and different types of assignments such as presentations and problem-based projects. This session is designed to help you get a handle on assessment at all levels in order to help you update your courses with more confidence.

Review the archived Echo360 Recording (6-24-14)

Working with the Millennial Generation

Held on February  18 (webcast) and February 20 (workshop), 2014

Web 2.0 Tools Workshops

Live Collaboration Tools and Online Meeting Spaces

Get introduced to Adobe Connect, Google Hangouts, and other tools designed to let students and instructors work and speak synchronously online, allowing for more dynamic live conversations even in online-only courses.

Review the archived Echo360 Recording (6-18-14)

Mobile Learning and Teaching Tools

Explore the many mobile-friendly features built into BlackBoard and how to integrate apps into your classroom to allow students to do more learning while on the go with their smartphones and tablets.

Review archived Echo360 Recording from 6-10-14

Social Media for Teaching and Learning

To be held on October 23 (webcast) and October 25 (workshop), 2013

 Create Surveys with Qualtrics

qualtricsA workshop was delivered to show how Qualtrics, a web-based survey builder, can be used as a valuable evaluation tool to obtain student feedback.

Participants created surveys with a variety of question types and distributed those surveys among many other functions.

Qualtrics Workshop Recording - view the recorded workshop.