Purdue subscribes to the SafeAssign software which functions in a manner similar to the TurnItIn software that was used in the past. SafeAssign allows a professor to determine whether all or part of a paper is plagiarized. There are two ways you can use SafeAssign. It can be used either through Blackboard, by setting up a SafeAssign Assignment, or you can use the Direct Submit procedure.

As of December 29, 2014, SafeAssign has some major upgrades!

Some additional features include minor cosmetic updates or changes to the interface for certain tools. Notably, the Assignment tool has received several changes. When creating any Assignment (retrieved from the Assessments tab) you now have the option to add plagiarism checking directly to the assignment. You no longer will create separate SafeAssign assignments. All SafeAssign tools are now available in any “normal” assignment simply by checking the appropriate boxes under Submission Details. For more information, visit the BlackBoard Help website.

SafeAssignment tool integrated with Assignment tool

Tutorials and Manuals


Getting Started with SafeAssign text tutorial (from BlackBoard)