Procedures to Request Closed Captioning

These procedures are to assist the campus community with requesting closed captioning for multimedia files that are used for any University related activity, including videos used in the classroom or displayed on the University’s Web pages. According to the University’s Web Accessibility Policy, multimedia files shall have synchronized captioning to ensure all individuals have equal access to the information. The captioning should be done ahead of time to make certain the videos are accessible upon use.

Procedures to Request Closed Captioning for Multimedia (10 minutes or less)

  1. Contact the Clinical Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology, Anastasia Trekles in LSF 237, 785-5734, if the multimedia is able to be captioned in-house (i.e. is less than 10 minutes in length, and contains quality audio, and is legally able to be altered).
  1. The Office of Learning and Technology can assist with preparing transcripts for short videos.
  2. Submit a request using the Captioning Request Form to the Disability Services Coordinator (DSC) for student accommodations in LSF 103, 785-5374 or for employee accommodations or campus requests (i.e. captioning for departmental web pages or for University events) contact the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE), Laura Odom located in SWRZ 25C, 785-5545.

Procedures to Request Closed Captioning for Multimedia (longer than 10 minutes or legally unable to be altered)

  1. As soon as it is known that the multimedia needs to be captioned, the requestor shall send to the DSC, OIE or other designated office the multimedia and completed Captioning Request Form.
  2. The DSC/OIE/other designated office will send the multimedia, requester contact information, and signed purchase requisition to Purchasing; or if a third party, such as a publisher, owns the video, the DSC/OIE/other office will contact the copyright owner to ask them to provide accessible versions or transcripts. The charges related to student accommodations will be charged to the Student Services Disability account. Other requests will be charged to either the OIE or departmental account.
  3. Purchasing will send the multimedia to the service provider.
  4. The service provider will send the captioned multimedia back to the requestor.

Purdue North Central is an equal access/equal opportunity university.