When students enter your course, the first thing they see is your home page. It is essential that your home page is easy to read and is well-organized. In addition, it should be obvious where they are to locate the syllabus and all course materials.

What makes an effective Home Page? (Video- 2:05)

What students want to tell you! (PDF)

What a PNC student says about her online courses: (Video -1:45)

Course Tools- When you first set up your course in Blackboard, you can choose “all tools” or select just those that you want. Tools can be added or deleted at any time. Please keep in mind that too many tools may create a congested course. You may also consider limiting student access to assignments, discussions, syllabus, etc. from the course tools menu.

Syllabus- Ideally, your syllabus should be made available from the home page.

Course Content- For ease of navigation, all modules/units/weeks of instruction should be clearly available from the home page.

Start Here Feature – You need to make it clear to students where they are expected to begin, as well as where they are to find things. This is also a great place to give them a general overview of how the course will work as well as a course calendar and other important information.