Lockdown Browser – Instructions

Respondus Lockdown Browser works with Blackboard to allow an instructor to give exams and quizzes online, yet prevents students from accessing other web sites or other content on their laptop or computer, during the test.

All it requires is a simple download on your students’ computers or you can proctor exams in a lab that already has this software installed.

LockDown Browser Instructions

Downloading & Installing Respondus LockDown Browser – Video Tutorial

Enabling Respondus LockDown Browser for an exam – Video Tutorial


QuickStart Guide: Prepare Your Test

Respondus Lockdown Browser gives faculty the ability to use online testing and quizzing with the assurance that the students cannot access the Internet or other materials on their PC during a test. In order to use Lockdown Browser, you must set up your Blackboard test/quiz to use it. To do that, do the following:

Create the test/quiz in Respondus and upload it to Blackboard. Alternatively, you can create it directly into Blackboard. After the test/quiz is created, go to Course Tools and click on Respondus Lockdown Browser. On the LockDown Browser Dashboard, you will see a list of tests in your course.  Click the drop down arrow next to the quiz title and click on Modify Settings.  Within the settings window, choose the appropriate settings and click submit when finished. Click on the box above that statement, and Lockdown Browser is now linked to your test/quiz.

In order for the students to use the test, they must download the Lockdown Browser to their own PC, or they can take the test/quiz in one of the PC computer labs. Lockdown Browser has been downloaded to the labs and is available for students. To take the test, the student must enter the test through Lockdown Browser. If they try to take it without that step, they will be given a warning message about having to use Lockdown Browser.

Instructions for Students – Installing LockDown Browser

In order to download Respondus LockDown Browser you will need: a computer, secure internet connection, and basic computer skills. Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer is preferred but you are not restricted by other browsers. Be sure to disable your popup blocker.

Task 1: Open your internet browser

A browser is a program that allows you to access the internet. These include but are not limited to: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera.  It is recommended to use Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

From your desktop, double-click to select your browser of choice.

Task 2: Navigate to the PNC website

In the address bar of your browser, type www.pnc.edu. Press the Enter key.

Task 3: Login to myPNC

At the PNC home page, click on the PNC Portal Link. Enter your PNC username and password.

Task 4: Click on the Blackboard Tab

On the main portal page, click on the Blackboard Tab.

Task 5: Locate the LockDown Browser Download

Click on the LockDown Browser download link within the portal.

Task 6: Install LockDown Browser

Select the operating system of your computer, and the type of computer that you are using (lab, your own, a work computer). Click “Download Installer – Server 1” to download the installer file. Choose to run the file that you have downloaded and follow the prompts to install the software on your computer.

After installation, a LockDown Browser icon will appear on your Desktop. Open this application (double-click on the icon) to log into BlackBoard and begin taking quizzes that require LockDown Browser.

For a printable copy of this documentation, click here.

For an instructional video of this documentation, click here.


Flash Demonstration and Training movies –  A series of Flash movies are available. These are great resources for introducing and training instructors on the Respondus LockDown Browser software.

Quick Start Guides – Quick Start Guides for both Faculty and Students are available for Respondus LockDown Browser.  These can be downloaded. Each Guide is 1-4 pages in length and contains the essential information for getting started.

Knowledgebase & Support –  A knowledgebase for Respondus LockDown Browser is available. If a problem cannot be resolved using the user guides, administrator guides, or knowledgebase, a support ticket can be submitted from this same web page.

Newsletter Articles –  Another great source of information and training materials is our newsletter archive. Dozens of articles will help you learn more about the Respondus products.  (Note: You are welcome to borrow and modify these articles for your own training materials.)