Finding the Right Technology Match

technology in the classroom - learning and innovative strategies imageWondering where to start with the many technology tools we have at our disposal today as educators? It seems as if there are endless resources out there to choose from – how does one decide?

The fact is, there is not always one “right” tool for any job, as there may be many tools that address the same things in different ways. Start with what you want to accomplish, and then check out some of the tools that may meet your needs. Choose what works best for you and your students, and don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it. The OLT is here to help guide you along whatever path you choose!

VideoI want to: Record my lectures for my class and put them online


View of Video Express computer and camera equipment

I want to: Record what happens in my class and have it available for students who miss class or want to see something again


Professor giving a presentation

I want to: Create more exciting presentation slides and other visual aids for class


Get help:

  • (Purdue staff/faculty get free access!)


I want to: Import tests and exams from a text document into BlackBoard



Student using notes on his hand to cheat on a testI want to: Prevent plagiarism and cheating


WebEx logo

I want to: Talk synchronously with students online – individually or in small groups


A robot and human shaking hands

I want to: Share documents and ideas with students and/or colleagues


Students talking in a small group

I want to: Engage in dynamic discussions and keep in touch with students


Question and answer

I want to: Engage in question-and-answer and other types of in-class discussions with students