Echo 360

Echo360 logoEcho 360 enables you to capture your lectures in audio format.  It also allows you to share any material on your computer screen, such as PowerPoints, notes, etc.  These recorded captures can be viewed by your students simply by clicking on a link in Blackboard.  PNC currently has Echo installed in the following rooms (highlighted room #s have new touch screen monitors that can be written on with the provided stylus and TECH 214 is a SMART classroom):

  • TECH 109
  • TECH 112
  • TECH 134
  • TECH 171
  • TECH 214
  • TECH215
  • TECH 219
  • TECH 298
  • TECH 364
  • SWRZ 216
  • SWRZ 360
  • Porter County – Grad 122
  • Porter County – Undergrad 47

To schedule a lecture capture or to reserve the Echo cart, please send a request  to or visit the Services@PNC ticketing system.

Tutorials for Echo360

How to get started with Echo 360? (PDF Guide)

How to add your Echo360 link (or any link) to your course