Blackboard Support Introduction

Blackboard Learn

BlackBoard Learn is the current system used by Purdue University to manage and deliver course materials electronically. BlackBoard can provide many things for your students, including:

  • Online distribution of syllabi and other important course documents and multimedia
  • Administration of quizzes, tests, and surveys
  • Facilitation of online threaded discussions
  • Submission of assignments and projects
  • Collaboration through blogs and wikis
  • Integration of content from textbook publishers and other outside sources

What's newBlackboard Learn – What’s New?

New Features and Updates to the System

Click here for information on Blackboard updates and new features.

Self-Guided BlackBoard “Academy” Online Training Course

The PNC BlackBoard Training Course is an online course in Blackboard Learn designed to help you make the most of your course materials in BlackBoard. This course is always available to you through your My BlackBoard course list.

My BlackBoard Tab

BlackBoard Training link

Staci Trekles, Director of the Office of Learning and Technology, monitors this course and provides  support, expertise, and guidance for faculty members. Learn more about what faculty have to say about the Online Academy and Training course in a article, and explore the course at your leisure at any time!

BlackBoard Support for Students

Visit the Student Support page for information on BlackBoard and many other technology topics related specifically to students.

tipsBlackBoard Support for Faculty

The Office of Learning Technology is here to help you with your BlackBoard needs, whether it is about learning how to use its many features, or following current best practices in online and hybrid learning. We can also help you with troubleshooting issues related to your use of BlackBoard as a teaching tool. Our job is to support faculty in their instructional technology initiatives in order for them to deliver the very best courses they can.

For technical support issues such as login problems, enrollment into courses, and all student-generated issues, you may contact the Information Services Helpdesk at 219-785-5511.

For all questions and issues, please use the Services@PNC ticket system to request assistance.

Tutorials and More for BlackBoard Learn

In addition to the support options above, this website contains help sheets and tutorial videos for nearly every available function of BlackBoard Learn, and we highly encourage you to take a look at what we have to offer! We are routinely updating this site to ensure that all tutorials are comprehensive and current for the newest versions of BlackBoard Learn when they are released.

Refer to our Blackboard Learn Quick Tips page for quick tips on Blackboard Learn tasks.

Requesting a Starter Course Shell

There are several course shells available that you may use to start creating your course from, ranging in complexity from “basic” to “complete.” These shells will help you get started with your course design, especially if this is a new course or you are getting ready to re-imagine a course you currently teach.

If you would like to request a course shell, please indicate the type of shell that you would like and email us at We can work with you after you receive your course shell to help you further work on and refine your course – just let us know the type of support you need.

Requesting a Change to BlackBoard

As textbook publishers continue to expand their digital offerings, instructors are increasingly faced with the decision of whether to request that a third-party resource be implemented for their Blackboard Learn course.

Blackboard extensions, also known as “building blocks,” allow tools from outside vendors to function within the Blackboard Learn environment and give students a one-stop shop to access online course materials. To help faculty leverage third-party extensions and add-ons not currently installed in Purdue’s Blackboard environment, ITaP (West Lafayette) has created a Web page outlining factors to consider before submitting a request for adoption. Please use this page to help you make your textbook and software adoption decisions each semester.