Career Testing/Exploration


  • It is suggested that all students use the resources provided on this page.
  • This will help them confirm the major already chosen.
  • If still undecided, these tests will help in choosing a major and career choice.
  • Click on each career test in the order given, making sure to print out the instructions for use, and the worksheets that follow.

If you have questions or would like a personal appointment to review your test results and receive further instruction, contact or call 531-4200, 531-6500, or 785-5230.

The Indiana Career Explorer

Login Here: Indiana Career Explorer

Print the following instructions for logging in after you are on the website:

Print the following worksheet guide for using the program:

 The Holland Code

Print: Holland Code Personality Types – Follow the instructions.

Print: Holland Code Quiz – Take the quiz. Score your answers. List your 3 highest scores. This is your Holland Code. Record your 3 letter Code at the bottom of the paper.

Print: Holland Code Map – The Holland Code Personality Types are notched into the circle of the World-of-Work Map. You may circle the Code letters on that map.

Click Link and Take: The Holland Code Personality Quiz online. These results connect you with the U.S. Bureau of Labor. Hopefully your code matches the written quiz.

A brief description of the Holland Environmental Typology

Other Free Websites for Career Planning and Finding a College Major

Print: Worksheet for World of Work Occupations

Click Link and Study: ACT World of Work Map…Occupations Information

Click Link and Study: ACT Map of College Majors. Choosing your College Major. The Map is based on the 4 Work Tasks involving Data, Ideas, People, and Things. This can help you explore college majors and begin focus on majors that fit you well. This is a unique searchable map that shows the locations of 80 popular majors.

Click Link and Explore: What Can I Do with This Major?

Click Link and Explore: Occupational Outlook Handbook

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Allana Burke
Discover Coordinator