Stock Gifts Held by Broker


Due to federal, state, and local privacy statutes, your broker may not provide us with any personal information, including your name, when they transfer stocks/securities. The only information we receive with your transfer is the name of the security, number of shares, and brokerage firm initiating the transfer.

Steps For Transferring

  1. As you initiate your transfer, please contact the Purdue North Central Advancement Office at 219-785-5697 and notify us of your transfer, type of stock and desired use of your gift. With this information, it is possible for us to match your gift to the broker’s transfer, and allows us to deposit your gift into the correct account and properly thank and receipt you for your gift.
  2. Provide your broker with your name and address, the name of the security, number of shares, and where your gift should be designated. (The date of the gift will be the date that the securities arrive in Purdue Foundation’s account.)
  3. Give your broker the following contact information so specific transfer instructions can be obtained:

Purdue Foundation
Mary Anne Schmidt
1281 Win Hentschel Boulevard
West Lafayette, IN  47906
(765) 588-3470