Memorial and Honorary Contributions

Chancellor’s Society

Members of the PNC Chancellor’s Society make a special investment in Purdue University North Central. Through their generous gifts, they help support the mission of the University to benefit areas such as education programming and student services, scholarships, facility renovation and improvement.

Annual memberships begin at $1,000. PNC expresses sincere gratitude to the generous individuals and organizations who are current members of the Chancellor’s Society.

Memorial and Honorary Contributions

The death of an individual causes us to reflect on the special moments and the cumulative achievements of a lifetime. We may honor the memory and pay tribute to the individual by encouraging friends to contribute to Purdue in his or her name. Memorial contributions continue the good works of a friend by helping today’s and tomorrow’s students.

Contributions to Purdue also may be used to honor loved ones and friends during their lifetimes. Gifts may commemorate a special event or acknowledge someone’s enduring successes – colleagues honoring a retiring coworker, former students saluting a professor, or parents noting the graduation of their sons or daughters.