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“Degree Works degree-audit system presents opportunities that have never previously existed for students to view, monitor, and track their degree progress at any point in time. Gone are the days of scribbled pieces of paper and trying to figure out where courses fit into particular degree programs! Degree Works gives students access to a clear, yet detailed, view of their degree progression, individualized to the exact courses they have completed and what they have remaining to take. “

“One of the many great features of the Degree Works degree-audit system is the ability for students to run a “What if” scenario. Anyone thinking about possibly changing their major can select a different degree program and see exactly where all the courses they have already taken would apply and what they would have remaining to complete.”

“Degree Works takes the guessing away! Courses completed, courses remaining, grade requirements, credit hours earned, credit hours required, course descriptions, pre-requisites, GPA calculators…it’s all there, and completely customized to each individual student’s record! ” — Kathy Johnson, Director of Academic Advising

“At Purdue North Central we want to make sure students have all of the opportunities possible to achieve success and graduate on time. Degree Works is just one of many powerful systems we provide for students to use.” – Sandra Steele, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management

“Degree Works provides easy access and real time information to the students about their progression and empowers them to track their progress,plan for future semesters and easily explore alternative degree plans. I am also looking forward to using Degree Works to streamline the degree audit process which is currently done manually and takes a considerable amount of time.” – Dr. Cynthia Roberts, Interim Dean, College of Business