Counseling & Assessment

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Counseling and assessment services are available through Purdue University North Central’s Student Counseling Center. The mission of the center is to encourage, support, and assist students in their educational pursuits by providing counseling and educational services to help deal with personal, interpersonal, vocational, and academic issues. Counseling services are provided by licensed professionals and are confidential, as protected by law.

Additional services provided by the Counseling Center include presentations and screenings for the campus community on various mental health issues as well as referrals to outside agencies and providers based upon the needs of the student. All programing and individual services are developed and delivered with valued recognition of the diverse backgrounds, characteristics, beliefs, and abilities of Purdue North Central students. Services are offered in the following areas:

Personal Counseling

Short term, confidential individual counseling is available for a variety of personal problems including substance abuse issues. Referral to outside services is available as is necessary and appropriate. These services, free to enrolled students, are provided by the dean of students and the director of counseling services.

Academic Counseling

Services are provided to students experiencing difficulty in their academic work. Help with study techniques, scheduling of study time and other problems related to academic performance are offered. These services are free to enrolled students.

Career Counseling

Assistance is available for individuals who have not clarified their immediate or long-range vocational goals, or are dissatisfied with their present majors in college. This service is free to enrolled students.

Computer-Based Career Assessment

Indiana Career Explorer, a computerized career guidance program, contains the latest occupational and educational information to assist students in career planning.

Career Test Battery

Individual tests relating to aptitude, personality, mental ability and interest are available on request. Also a specially developed test battery is available for both enrolled students and non-students. A nominal fee is charged: $40 for enrolled students, $75 for non-students.

Contact Information:
Diana K. Moryl, MSW, LCSW
Director of Student Counseling
(219) 785-5373
Located in LSF 103
Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
(219 785-5230