Sample Topics/Titles

Note: Previous Hyde Park Forum winners are on tape in the PNC library.

Sample Topics Sample Titles
aids Protect Yourself
aids Safe Sex Prevents Aids
animals/activist Human Rights-Animal Rights
animals/experiments Animal Rights & Experimentation
animals/pets The Perfect Pet
censorship/public The Bad Mouth
censorship/T.V. A Real Turn Off
child/abuse Silent Victims
child/protection Mommy, Save Me
child/rearing Because I Said So!
donation/organ Giving the Gift of Life
donation/needy Brother Can You Spare a Dime?
consumer Buy American
drugs/alcohol Don’t Drink & Drive
drugs/smoking Danger: Second Hand Smoke
drugs/smoking Why Not Smoke?
education Crisis in Our Schools
education/experience A Degree=Education & Experience
environment Preserve the Amazon
environment/nuclear The Energy Answer?
environment/recycle We Are Killing the Earth
finance/$security Saving is Security
finance/credit Your Personal? Credit File
gender/equity Are We Equal?
health/exercise Be Fit For Life
health/selfhealing Vine Swinging
homeless Let’s Help the Homeless
laws/guns I’m a Law Abiding Citizen
laws/speed Let’s Speed Up
military Uncle Sam Needs You
military/action Bosnia: We’re There to Help
religion The True God
safety/motorcycle Helmet Heads Live
safety/seatbelt Seat Belts For Everyone
support Feeling More Secure
values/declining Dan Quayle Was Right
wine/ordering Red with Meat or Chicken?