Hyde Park Forum

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Forum Date: April 13, 2016, 7-9 p.m., LSF 002
Speak Off Date: April 15, 2016, Noon, LSF 002
Deadline for Entries: April 8, 2016

The Hyde Park Forum Public Speaking Contest is a fun and challenging annual speaking event open to all PNC students. While the Hyde Park Forum is open to all PNC students, most of the participants are Communication 11400 students.

Hyde Park is a public park on the west end of London, that is known as a gathering place for speakers who wish to state their minds on any issue. Speakers know they will always have an audience and Hyde Park has gained prominence as a reference to freedom of speech and intriguing speaking.

Our Hyde Park Forum offers a similar opportunity for you to stand and deliver your message to a group of interested listeners on this campus. The Hyde Park Forum is now 31 years old and continues to be a source of encouragement for speakers of all ages at PNC.

The prize money for the Speak Off winners has been increased to $200 for 1st, $100 for 2nd, and $50 for 3rd!

To sign up for the upcoming forum, fill out the Entry Form. A list of instructions is also available.

Introduction to Hyde Park Forum

Assuming that you have first signed up with your instructor, and practiced your talk, here is the typical course of events:

  • You show up at about 6:40 and check in front of the LSF lounge or the S.E. entrance of SWRZ building to see in what room you will speaking, and in what order.
  • Later, with up to 10 speakers per room, you will have a chance to stand and deliver your presentation. 3 to 4 judges will evaluate your talk. Judges include faculty, staff and PNC alumni.
  • After your presentation you will have questions and comments from your audience.
  • Generally, the speeches are all completed by 8:15 and you head to LSF 02 where refreshments await you.
  • This is followed immediately by a 15 minute Award Ceremony in which all speakers are recognized.

That is the contest in a nutshell! In a little more than ninety minutes you have participated in an exciting and rewarding event  that you will remember for a long time. Your resume will be a little stronger and your confidence a little greater as a result.

Topic Ideas

A wide variety of persuasive topics have been presented at the Hyde Park Forum.  Utility industry deregulation, rain forest preservation, the value of music education in schools, the need for cancer check-ups, film rating systems, adoption, and the Community Development Corporation are just a few of the topics that have been presented in recent years.  The persuasive possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Benefits of Participation

  1. You will gain the confidence that comes in knowing that you tackled a huge challenge in such an important area. And communication IS important. Consider these numbers from recent studies by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. When asked what skills they seek in job candidates, the top five employer responses in 1997 included:You will gain a wonderful hit on your resume. Prospective employers who see this on your resume often will ask: What is the Hyde Park Forum? Your answer will impress them.  Being able to list the Hyde Park Forum among your accomplishments shows a potential employer your willingness to take on new challenges.
    • interpersonal communication skills
    • teamwork skills
    • analytical skills
    • oral communication skills
    • flexibility
  2. If that isn’t enough, consider the prizes. A plaque will be awarded to each of the first, second, and third place speakers.

Obtaining More Information

A video tape overview of the Hyde Park Forum is now available in the reserve section of the PNC library. If you are presently enrolled in a COM 11400 division in a Spring semester, your instructor will provide you with more information.

Request More Information (Obviously, this does NOT commit you to speaking at the Forum!)

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Contact Information

Dr. Daniel Wilbur
Associate Professor of Communication
ext. 5472

Cindy Christ
Secretary, Department of Communication
TECH 353, Ext. 5202