Staff Members

cable headshot Amber Cable
Administrative Assistant to the Chancellor

(219) 785-5433
Began at PNC: 2009
jacobi Judy Jacobi
Assistant Vice Chancellor of Marketing and Campus Relations
(219) 785-5593
Began at PNC: 2003
B.A., Catham, 1974; M.P.H., Pittsburgh, 1976
mcguinness Paul McGuinness
Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Services

(219) 785-5730
Began at PNC: 2011
B.A., Saint Joseph’s College, 1987
M.A., Governors State University, 1992
nielsen Debra A. Nielsen
Executive Assistant to the Chancellor
(219) 785-5332
Began at PNC: 1975
B.A., Purdue, 1974
schmid Karen Schmid
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

(219) 785-5750
Began at PNC: 2008
B.S., University of Minnesota, M.S., Southern Illinois University, Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Stephen R. Turner
Vice Chancellor for Administration

(219) 785-5400
Began at PNC: 1998
B.A., Indiana, 1984; A.A.S., Purdue, 1989; M.A., Western Michigan, 1994; M.B.A., Purdue, 2003
westphal Melissa Westphal Benefiel
Director of Development

(219) 785-5274