Past Chancellors


Dale W. Alspaugh, 1982-2000

Dale W. Alspaugh headed Purdue North Central during a period of extraordinary growth, not only in the tangible terms of people, academics and physical facilities, but also in the intangibles such as recognition and respect. He came to PNC as vice chancellor of academic services in 1981, was named acting chancellor a year later and became permanent chancellor in 1984. Under his leadership, enrollment grew by 50 percent, and the number of full-time students doubled. Four new bachelor’s degrees and four associate degrees were added to the curriculum, as well as several professional certificate programs. The 104,000 square-foot Technology Building was completed in 1995. Until his death in 2004, Alspaugh remained active in retirement by working on an oral history of the campus.


William R. Fuller, 1979-1982

William R. Fuller, who made several significant contributions during four years as interim vice chancellor and interim chancellor from July 1978 through June 1982, received the degree Doctor of Science Honoris Causa from PNC in May 2000. Among Fuller’s accomplishments include the initiation of organization into academic sections and approval of the first two baccalaureate degrees offered at PNC.


John W. Tucker, 1972-1979

The Library-Student-Faculty building (LSF) was constructed under Tucker’s leadership. On March 21, 1975, the new building, with library space for 125,000 books and 1,000 periodicals, was dedicated. Tucker, who passed away in 2001, continued to serve PNC as Professor of Educational Administration until his retirement in 1992.


Robert F. Schwarz, 1953-1972

Known in the community as “Mr. Purdue North Central,” Robert F. Schwarz provided the leadership instrumental to establishment of the permanent campus. He served as Barker Center Director, 1953-67, and North Central Dean and Director until 1972, when he returned to teaching. He later was named Acting Dean for Academic Affairs. After his death in 1984, the Education Building was renamed in his honor.


Ralph E. Waterhouse, 1946-1953

Ralph E. Waterhouse served as the first director of the Purdue Barker Center and established the LaPorte-Michigan City Extension Center.