CNIT 10700 Test Out

Test Out and receive 3 credit hours in CNIT 10700, Computer Literacy

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Exam Date and Time
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Cost to take Exam*
     Tech 297   $50.00
*Subject to change
Space is LIMITED, so please sign up as soon as possible.  Exam begins promptly at 10:00 a.m., so please arrive 10 minutes early. **Students must bring a photo ID the day of the test or they may be turned away.**
Where to sign up? Secretary for the College of Engineering and Technology, TECH 269, Ext. 5556
Where to pay fee? Bursar's Office, SWRZ 127, after signing up
Questions about the Test Out???  
The test will be part multiple choice and part computer based.  Exams will be graded and results emailed to the students within two weeks of taking the exam.  We do not give out exam results on the telephone.  A student may only take the exam once. Conditions for Credit Award after passing the CNIT 10700 Test Out  Study Guide (doc)