CIT Courses for Non-CIT Majors





Level of Difficulty

Applicability to Future Job Needs

CNIT 10700I
Computer Literacy
Introduction to the PC and Personal-Productivity SoftwareMA 11100Office 2010LowVery High
CNIT 17500I
Visual Programming
Object-oriented Programming with a Simple Programming LanguageCNIT 10700 (or computer literate) Visual BASIC
HighVery Low
CNIT 12100
Microcomputer Database Applications
Storing and Retrieving Information Using Database Management SystemsMA 11100
CNIT 10700
Access 2010MediumMedium
CNIT 12600
Website Development and
Internet Technologies
Website design, construction, and implementation using a web editor.CNIT 10700 Expressions WebMedium Medium
CNIT 12700I
Microcomputer Spreadsheet Applications
Advanced Spreadsheet Concepts MA 11100
CNIT 10700
Excel 2010MediumHigh

CNIT 12800I
Advanced Word Processing

Advanced Word Processing and Desktop Publishing

CNIT 10700

Word 2010


Very High