Conditions for Credit – CNIT 10700 Test Out

Conditions for Credit Award after passing the CNIT 10700 Test Out

  1. The student must enroll at Purdue University North Central within 8-months after high school graduation or be a current student at PNC who has not received a grade or directed grade, or a grade of W, WP, or WF in CPT 107, C&IT 107, or CNIT 10700.
  2. The student must satisfactorily complete six (6) credit hours of college level courses at Purdue University North Central with a grade of C or better.  Developmental courses are not acceptable.
  3. After the grades are posted on the student transcript for the credit hours mentioned above, the student may request credit for CNIT 10700.  The student must present a printout of the email received, stating conditional credit was granted, to the Computer & Information Technology Office (TECH 269). The Computer & Information Technology Office will then process the documentation to grant departmental credit.
  4. Credit for Computer Literacy, CNIT 10700, will appear as departmental credit on your transcript.
  5. This certificate is only guaranteed valid at the Purdue University North Central campus.  Acceptance at another Purdue campus is subject to the policies at that campus.

NOTE:  The student may only take the CNIT 10700 Test Out one time.