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Transfer Programs

If you are planning on transferring to another Purdue University campus, or are interested in a degree program offered at another University, it is your responsibility to contact that University to find out about admission requirements, transferability of courses taken at PNC, degree requirements, etc. A grade of “C” or higher is the general rule for a course to transfer to another campus or University, assuming the course is acceptable for the degree program of interest.

Many degree programs at the West Lafayette campus of Purdue University are capped or have additional admissions requirements. Therefore, it may not be possible to complete the transfer process to the West Lafayette campus because programs are full. Information on program requirements for the West Lafayette campus may be obtained through your academic advisor or Office of Enrollment Services. Catalogs for the Schools of Purdue University on the West Lafayette campus are available in the Office of Enrollment Services. Please be aware that students at Purdue North Central are “regional campus transfer” students to the West Lafayette campus and are not “new” students. The documentation is different and should not be confused.

Also be aware, that although most or all of the credit obtained at PNC may transfer to another campus or University, many degree programs require sequential courses not offered at PNC, which can lengthen the time required to get the degree at another campus or University.

It is imperative that students interested in transferring to another campus or University see their PNC advisor immediately to obtain further information and suggestions about contacting an appropriate advisor at the campus or University of interest.