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Statistics Certificate

The statistics certificate prepares students for careers in applied statistics, in areas that require broad knowledge of statistical ideas and techniques. Such breadth is valued by employers in business, industry, and government. The statistics certificate is open to all students but is specifically designed for those students who previously earned an associate or bachelors degree but who did not complete all courses in the statistics minor or equivalent. Students who previously successfully completed courses in the statistics minor during their degree program may apply these courses for credit towards the statistics certificate.

The courses taught in the statistics certificate are identical to the courses taught in the statistics minor. Five courses are required to complete a statistics certificate as indicated below. At least three of these courses must be listed in the Mathematics, Statistics and Physics department.

  • An introductory probability course: STAT 22500 or 31100

  • An introductory statistics course: STAT 30100, 35000, 50300, PSY 20100 or 20300

  • Two core courses: STAT 36100 and STAT 36200

  • One of the following courses: STAT 36300, STAT 46500, or MET 45100

Students must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours for the statistics certificate. All courses must be taken for a grade: there is no Pass/No Pass option. Students are expected to earn a minimum GPA of 2.5 or equivalent to enter in coursework leading up to the certificate. Students are expected to take courses in sequence, based on prerequisites.