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Office Productivity

Certificate in Office Productivity

(This certificate can be completed entirely on-line, if desired.)

Check Purdue North Central’s CIT webpage for possible changes to the curriculum since the printing of this catalog.

This certificate provides students with an opportunity to learn concepts and skills in office productivity. Initially, basic skills are developed in word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and electronic slide presentations. Valuable terminology and concepts dealing with computers and their uses are also introduced. From that base students go on to learn advanced concepts in word processing and spreadsheet applications.

Additionally, to be productive in an office environment it is important to have an understanding of the dynamics that occur within that environment. Students pursuing this certificate will gain an important understanding of individual and group behavior with an emphasis on interpersonal and leadership relationships.

To allow for maximum flexibility in scheduling, the entire certificate can be completed online via distance learning. The only time a student may be required to be on campus is to take exams. Distance learning courses are identified in the schedule with a D suffix after the course number, such as CNIT 10700D. Only access to a computer, the required software, and the Internet is needed. The software required for the CNIT courses that follow is Microsoft Office Professional and can currently be purchased from the campus bookstore at a greatly reduced price.

Please be aware that courses should only be taken via distance learning by students who are strongly self-motivated and who can set and follow a study schedule.

The total credits required for the certificate is 12. A minimum grade of “C minus” is required in all four courses. All required courses must be taken at a Purdue University campus.

Required Courses1

3 cr.



Computer Literacy


Two of the following PC Applications:



Advanced Database



Advanced Spreadsheet



Advanced Word Processing





Human Behavior in Organizations

1It is assumed that students already have basic high school algebra skills. Those students who don’t will need to take MA 11100 – Algebra before taking any of the CNIT courses listed above. If a student is uncertain, it is suggested that they take the Math portion of the SAM placement test before taking any CNIT course.

2A minimum grade of “C minus” must be earned in CNIT 10700 before taking CNIT 12700 and CNIT 12800.