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Purdue University is the Indiana link in a nationwide chain of land grant colleges and universities. In addition to the main campus in West Lafayette, Purdue University has established regional campuses for the purpose of extending educational opportunities to major population areas of Indiana. Purdue University North Central, at the junction of the Indiana Toll Road and U.S. 421 near Westville, serves communities in the north central part of the state.


Following World War II, Purdue University offered courses in facilities loaned to the University by the Michigan City and LaPorte schools. In 1948 the Barker Welfare Foundation made the John Barker mansion in Michigan City available to the University and classes were held there beginning in the spring of 1949. Through the 1950s, enrollment at the Barker Memorial Center continued to grow, as did the population of the north central region of the state. In May 1962, Purdue University, through the Ross-Ade Foundation, purchased 160 acres south of Michigan City near Westville at a location that could best serve the residents of LaPorte and Porter counties. The new permanent campus opened in the fall of 1967. Since then, the campus has undergone many changes, indicative of the rapid growth and educational demands of the area. Additional land purchases increased the total acreage to 268.

The campus features three main buildings. Schwarz Hall, built in 1967, contains most administrative offices, and the Biology/Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics and Social Sciences academic departments. The Library-Student-Faculty Building, completed in 1975, houses the library, cafeteria and bookstore, the Dean of Students office, Office of Continuing Education and various student services offices. The Technology Building, completed in 1995, houses Information Services, Engineering Technology, Education, Business, Nursing, Communication, English and Modern Languages academic departments, the office of Enrollment Services, as well as other administrative services.

In 2001, Purdue North Central opened a site in Valparaiso, Indiana. Comprised of two buildings – the graduate building and undergraduate building – it is the primary site for the campus’ MBA program along with many undergraduate classes. In addition the graduate building is used for contract training and other continuing education activities.

The Indiana Commission for Higher Education designated Purdue University North Central as a general purpose institution in October 1986. Purdue University North Central is accredited as a baccalaureate granting institution by the Higher Learning Commission.

Purdue University North Central is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, 30 N. LaSalle St., Suite 2400, Chicago, Ill. 60602-2504; 800-621-7440, Accreditation attests to the quality of the faculty and staff, excellence of courses and curricula, and adequacy of facilities. Individual academic programs also are accredited by the following:

  • Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs, 7007 College Blvd., Suite 420, Overland Park, Kan, 66211; 913-339-9356;

  • National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, Inc. 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 500, Atlanta, GA 30326. Contact can be made to Sharon J. Tanner EdD, RN by phone: 404-975.5000, or fax: 404.975.5020 or
  • National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Educators (NCATE), 2010 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Suite 500, Washington, D.C. 20036-1023; 202-466-7496;

  • Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET, Inc., 111 Market Place, Suite 1050, Baltimore, Md. 21202; 410-347-7700; (for Building Construction Management Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Industrial Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology).


The mission of Purdue University North Central, a regional campus of Purdue University, is based on the tradition of a land grant university (Learning, Discovery, and Engagement).

  • Through Learning, the primary mission of this university, the campus offers all students educational programs and services that foster student success and goal attainment in a student-centered environment.

  • Through Discovery, the campus encourages the creation of new knowledge, products, processes and applications through research and scholarship. The cooperative efforts of students, faculty and staff are essential for success.

  • Through Engagement, the campus partners with and assists alumni, community members, businesses and organizations. These activities involve all members of the campus, including students, through transfer of knowledge, consulting, service learning, volunteerism, economic development and related activities.

Purdue University North Central gives continual and careful consideration to the unique characteristics and needs of our many constituencies, especially our students, in this region, the State of Indiana, and beyond.


Purdue University North Central will become the regional center of excellence for education, information, economic development and culture.


The activities of Purdue University North Central are based on the following values to best serve its many constituencies through Learning, Discovery and Engagement. PNC values:

  • People who choose to attend or be employed by this institution with all their differences and abilities.

  • Professional, cultural and general education needs of this diverse industrial, technological and agricultural region.

  • Education of high quality and integrity in an atmosphere that promotes lifelong learning through specific curricula that lead primarily to baccalaureate and master’s degrees sought by our constituents.

  • Timely assessment of all programs and activities using the results of those assessments to improve the programs and activities offered by this institution.

  • Diversity that will provide a broad representation of experiences, perspectives, opinions and cultures. Inclusion is an essential source of vitality and strength for the effective pursuit of PNC’s mission.

  • Research and inquiry in all aspects of the university life, by students, faculty, staff and partnerships with constituents.

  • New knowledge, products, processes and applications gained through university inquiry.

  • Clear and frequent communication of our activities, plans and visions for the future with all constituents, both internal and external.

  • Growth and academic success opportunities for our constituents by establishing multiple partnerships that will utilize the abundant resources of our geographical area.

  • International awareness as students and local citizens look to this campus for leadership and education in this area so vital to the future.

  • Good stewardship of all campus resources entrusted to this institution, particularly our human resources, while being fully aware of the responsibilities we carry for the environment in which we live and the energy we require to fulfill our mission.


General education is the component of the undergraduate curriculum devoted to those areas of knowledge, methods of inquiry, and ideas that the Purdue University North Central academic community believes are fundamental and common to all well-educated individuals. General education provides knowledge and understanding of the world, which serves as the basis for continued learning.

As a result of the general education curricular component at Purdue University North Central, a student shall have acquired appropriate skill, knowledge and competencies to:

  • Communicate clearly and cogently in written, oral, interpersonal, and collaborative forms;

  • Demonstrate problem-solving and critical thinking abilities through the application of quantitative and analytical reasoning;

  • Choose appropriate modes of inquiry to solve diverse problems;

  • Discern the patterns and processes of the natural world;

  • Critique the value of technologies and their applications;

  • Evaluate the interaction of the universal and the particular in historical, political, and cultural experiences;

  • Apply ethical values in making aesthetic and instrumental judgments.


Purdue University North Central offers academic work at a number of different levels:

  • Master’s degree curricula in:
    Elementary Education
    Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Also selected graduate courses in a limited number of subject-matter fields.

  • Bachelor’s degree curricula in:
    Behavioral Science
    Computer & Information Technology
    Construction Engineering & Management Technology
    Early Childhood Education
    Elementary Education
    Engineering Technology
    Human Resources
    Liberal Studies
    Mechanical Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering Technology
    Nursing (2+2; traditional)
    Organizational Leadership and Supervision
    Secondary Education

  • Associate degree curricula in:
    Building Construction Management Technology
    Computer & Information Technology
    Electrical Engineering Technology
    Mechanical Engineering Technology
    Organizational Leadership and Supervision

  • Certificate curricula in:
    Business/Professional Communication
    Computer & Information Technology
    Human Resources
    Mechanical Engineering Technology
    Office Productivity
    Organizational Leadership & Supervision
    Process Improvement
    Quality Control
    Supervision (online)


The mission of Purdue University North Central is to bring the internationally recognized quality of a Purdue education to the citizens of Northern Indiana. Founded on excellence in Learning, Discovery and Engagement, the University provides a learning environment designed to promote individual student growth through opportunities to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for graduates to assume a variety of leadership roles and occupations in society. Students participate in Discovery activities through a vigorous program of research opportunities where they work with faculty, other students and community groups to develop the skills necessary to advance their careers. Through Engagement, students have opportunities to work in their chosen professions through internships, service learning, class projects and other activities undertaken jointly with business, professional and community organizations.

To accomplish its mission of providing quality education in all of its varied facets, Purdue University North Central is organized into four Colleges as follows.

College of Business

The world of business changes almost daily in this age of rapid progress in technology, communication, and innovation. Increasing diversity in the workplace and globalization of the economy add new dimensions requiring up-to-date skills and knowledge to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Our goal in the College of Business is to provide students with a quality state-of-the-art education that will prepare them to assume leadership roles in our increasingly competitive and dynamic economy, while remaining flexible enough to meet their specific needs or interests.

The College of Business offers a unique MBA program designed to accommodate the needs of working adults, a Bachelor of Science degree in Business (with concentrations in Accounting, Economics, Management or Marketing), a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership and Supervision, a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources, an Associate degree in Organizational Leadership and Supervision, and several certificates. Minors are also available for those students pursuing degrees outside of the College of Business in areas such as business, accounting, human resources, economics and leadership.

In addition, course offerings are available in a variety of formats, even in some cases, online.

College of Engineering and Technology

Welcome to the College of Engineering and Technology at Purdue University North Central (PNC). We are engaged in the noble activities of expanding the frontier of knowledge and educating the future engineers, technologists, and leaders of Indiana and the nation.

PNC has offered engineering and technology courses for over 40 years. These courses have been recognized for their quality and transferability within the Purdue University system. We currently offer a Bachelor of Science in Computer & Information Technology, Construction Engineering and Management Technology, Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology, and Mechanical Engineering for those students that choose to study in the northern Indiana area.

In a world of increasing social, environmental and technological complexity, engineers are in ever increasing demand. Our students gain an appreciation for and familiarity with the processes for analyzing complex issues preparing them to become highly productive citizens and leaders. We focus on the fundamentals of engineering and technology necessary to meet the problem solving requirements for today’s society.

Our program is student oriented. PNC offers rigorous educational programs that are in demand in our region and across the nation. Our faculty take a pro-active approach to the learning experience. Our course sections are small and our faculty take time to learn your specific academic needs and work with you to become a Purdue University graduate.

Please visit our individual programs to learn more about the plan of study they offer and discover the opportunities awaiting you in your program of interest. Please contact us if you have questions. Alternatively, just schedule a visit. We look forward to meeting you.

College of Liberal Arts

A liberal arts education is designed to promote an advanced education which will develop both skills and advanced knowledge in the many and diverse disciplines represented in the liberal arts. The liberal arts curriculum also enhances analytical thinking and decision-making skills which will serve students in their personal and professional lives. As career professionals these skills will be highly useful in every aspect of life and are often prized by many employers.

Liberal arts constitute the foundation of a university degree education. Consequently, the College of Liberal Arts is the largest of the colleges at PNC. The liberal arts faculty provide advanced level expertise from many diverse subject fields, and possess doctoral degrees from prestigious universities in the United States and the world. Our faculty and students are actively engaged in the study of global issues and increase our participation in the globally interdependent world in which we live.

The PNC College of Liberal Arts includes four departments: Education, Communication, English and Modern Languages, and Social Sciences. Six baccalaureate degrees are offered: Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, Bachelor of Arts in English, Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science, and Bachelor of Liberal Studies. The College offers several minors in areas of study to complement a student’s chosen major. The College also offers a Master of Science degree in elementary education affiliated with the West Lafayette campus. The teacher education programs hold optional accreditation through the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education, Washington, D.C., and through the state by the Indiana Department of Education.

College of Science

The College of Science at Purdue University North Central (PNC) consists of three instructional departments: the Department of Biology and Chemistry; the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics; and the Department of Nursing. We are committed to a quality and broad education in the sciences at the undergraduate level by encouraging and supporting teaching excellence, and by fostering research and community outreach activities.

Science plays an important role in our daily lives and is more exciting today than ever before due to the swiftness with which new insights are obtained and applied to human challenges and opportunities, such as population growth, disease, pollution, energy shortages, and new technology. The College of Science provides you the opportunity to pursue a career in science by interacting with first-rate scientists who also are gifted teachers.

The College of Science also provides an education for students whose goal is not a scientific career but who wish to gain a general education with emphasis on scientific aspects of society. Emphasis is placed on teaching fundamental principles so that the students can develop a motivation for continuing to learn long after graduation.

The Department of Biology and Chemistry offer courses leading toward the Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. As part of the baccalaureate degree, concentrations can be earned in Ecology, Microbiology, Pre-dentistry, Pre-medicine, and Pre-veterinary Medicine. In addition, the Department offers Minors in Ecology and Chemistry. Majors have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of educational and research activities on campus.

The Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics Department offers courses in Astronomy, Earth and Atmospheric Science, Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics to fulfill degree requirements. The Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics Department currently offers a Minor and a Certificate in Statistics. In addition, the department offers courses designed to enable a student to transfer to another Purdue University campus, or other college or university, to complete a baccalaureate degree in Mathematics, Statistics or Physics.

The Department of Nursing provides students with the opportunity to obtain an Associate or Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. Upon satisfactory completion of the requirements of either degree programs and the requirements of the Indiana State Board of Nursing the graduate applies to take the NCLEXRN exam. Success on the NCLEXRN exam is necessary before the Registered Nurse (RN) title is granted by the Indiana State Board of Nursing. In addition, there is an RN/BS completion program that provides RN’s who have an Associate or Diploma degree from an accredited school the opportunity to complete the course work necessary for a Bachelor of Science degree.

These departments offer undergraduate programs that will prepare you for a variety of careers and advanced graduate and professional study after graduation.

We are proud of our students, our alumni, our staff, and our faculty.


Purdue North Central – Porter county located at 600 Vale Park Road in Valparaiso, Indiana features 17,500 square feet of space for both graduate and undergraduate coursework. This location features 10 classrooms, a computer lab, student break out rooms and conference rooms. Video or Teleconferences can also be scheduled in our 48 seat tiered classroom.

The Porter County campus offers day and evening courses, predominantly freshman and sophomore level, for those wishing to start or continue their bachelor’s degree. Porter County is also the home to PNC’s Master of Business Administration degree offered on Saturdays.

Ease of scheduling and convenience make this location ideal for those living in Porter County and the surrounding area. Enrollment services are available on site.


As part of its educational mission, Purdue University North Central offers continuing education courses in these general areas:

  1. Training for Business, Industry, Government and the Private Sector

Workshops, conferences and short courses for professional development are offered, as well as customized training programs to meet organizational needs.

  1. Center for Occupational Safety and Health

The Center brings the most needed OSHA and other safety training courses close to home. Our trainers are well established in the field of safety education and make your OSH experience a step above the rest. Customized solutions that are designed to enhance organizational performance are available.

  1. Center for Early Learning

The Center is a tangible response to the needs of the community. It offers inservice training and professional development for all stakeholders in northwest Indiana. The Center complements PNC’s early learning baccalaureate degree and will serve as an organizing force that brings together stimulating opportunities with eager lifelong learners.

  1. Real Estate Licensing

Licensed by the State of Indiana, the office offers nine-week preparatory courses for both salespersons and

  1. Education 24/7

A decidedly favorable mode of learning offering instructor facilitated non-credit online courses that are informative, fun, convenient, and highly interactive. PNC is pleased to be working with ed2go to provide these quality courses. A wide variety of course offerings range from certification programs like paralegal or graphic design certificates, preparation courses for major computer industry certification exams, to developing business skills and professional development expertise, digital photography, and creative writing courses. Take classes anywhere, anytime.

  1. Personal Development

A broad schedule of courses is offered throughout the year, including, but not limited to, courses that enhance computer skills, teach a new language, or develop artistic talents.

  1. Youth Programming

Children can go to college too. A variety of exciting programs that challenge even the most inquisitive child makes these experiences a delight for children of all learning abilities.


We connect the Purdue Family Forever. Loyalty begins and lives here.

Purdue graduates come from campuses in West Lafayette, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Calumet and—of course—Purdue North Central! PNC graduates are part of the over 10,748 living PNC alumni worldwide. Membership in the Alumni Association is open to Purdue graduates, current or former Purdue students, and any community members who wish to support the university.

Purdue alumni continue to bring honor to our great university with their many accomplishments and professional work. We are here to provide programs and services to keep you engaged with the university and with each other. Purdue Alumni serves as a worldwide network that supports, enriches, cultivates, and celebrates the Purdue Experience and helps make that experience last a lifetime!

The Purdue North Central Alumni Association (PNCAA) is affiliated with and operates under the constitution and by-laws of Purdue Alumni. Our graduates are automatically enrolled. These first-year gift memberships are paid for by each campus location.

We are dedicated to reconnecting our alumni, partnering with the community and forming lasting relationships with students prior to graduation.

By keeping us up to date, we are easily able to keep you connected with the latest news and events. Please take a moment to update your information. It is simple…just call the PNC Alumni Association at (219) 785-5307 or visit our website at /alumni/ to update your information on-line and view our many services, events and benefits.

Membership has its privileges! Our paid members receive invitations to members-only events, as well as special discounts on products and services both locally and throughout the United States. Your membership fee helps support many PNC Alumni Association activities, including: PNCAA Endowed Scholarship Program for PNC students, Networking & Awards Night, PNC Commencement Receptions, Golf Outing, RailCats Baseball Night, booths to promote PNC throughout the year, and much, much more!

Just to name a few local benefits our members receive: Discounts at Apparel That Works!, Briar Leaf Golf Club, Glad Rags, Hirsh Ford Lincoln-Mercury, LaPorte Regional Health System’s Wellness Resource Center, Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets, PNC Continuing Education, Sherwin-Williams, Southlake Nautilus, Team Auto Outlet, Team Honda, Team Hyundai, Valparaiso’s Cold Stone Creamery, Wings Etc., and many more are offering substantial discounts to our members. Check our our website for more!

Members also receive PNC’s Dialogue magazine twice a year, Purdue’s Alumnus magazine six times a year, and numerous other opportunities to stay connected. These benefits will continue to grow in the months and years to come.

It’s never too late to show your Purdue Pride and loyalty by joining the PNC Alumni Association! Please contact PNC’s Director of Alumni Relations, at (219) 785-5307 or e-mail to learn more about membership and the exciting benefits we are offering members.