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Forging for a Future in Steel

Today’s steel industry operates at the cutting edge of material science—transforming unique chemistry grades, utilizing thermal and mechanical fine-tuning techniques, to produce advanced steel products for automobiles, appliances, pipelines, trains, ships, construction equipment, bridges, skyscrapers, wind towers, and stadiums.

With a presence in more than 60 countries, ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel and mining company and leader in all major global markets, including appliances, automotive, construction, and packaging.

ArcelorMittal initiated Steelworker for the Future,® a 2.5 year associate degree program in partnership with Purdue University North Central, to prepare industrial technology students for the fascinating world of steelmaking through classroom learning and hands-on training. As a student in the Steelworker for the Future® program, you may also apply for a paid internship, gaining valuable experience while offsetting tuition costs. Upon completion of the degree program, graduates will have the opportunity to be hired as an electrical or mechanical maintenance technician.

As part of this highly skilled, tech-savvy and well-paid workforce, you will be installing, maintaining, and repairing the sophisticated equipment used to satisfy customer needs, enabling ArcelorMittal and its customers to compete now and well into the future. You will work with high tech computer equipment, maintain state of the art steel manufacturing equipment, and use classroom knowledge on troubleshooting, print reading, large equipment alignment, gearing, lubrication, hydraulic systems, motors, sensors, and control modules. These experiences offer the opportunity for a long, satisfying, and high paying career in the steel industry.

Program Requirements Through PNC

The Steelworker for the Future® program at PNC is for Electrical & Computer Engineering Technology (ECET) and Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) students. Candidates must meet the following criteria to qualify:

  • Candidate must submit the Steelworker for the Future® application to the program
  • Candidate must have a minimum overall 2.8 GPA
  • Candidate must pass a drug screen

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Core Curriculum Requirements are:



MA 15300Algebra & Trigonometry I 3 credits MA 15300Algebra & Trigonometry I 3 credits
ECET 10700Intro to Circuit Analysis 4 credits CGT 11000Technical Graphics Comm. 3 credits
ECET 10900Digital Fundamentals 3 credits MET 16200 Computational Analysis Tools 1 credit
ECET 15700 Electronics Circuit Analysis 4 credits MET 21100 Applied Strength of Materials 4 credits
ECET 15900 Digital Applications 4 credits MET 213 Dynamics 3 credits
Total Core Credit Hours 18 credits Total Core Credit Hours 14 credits