Career Road Map Journey #3


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Journey # 3: Who I Will Be?

By the time you are ready for Journey #3, you should have greater career awareness to have made concrete conclusions regarding your academic program and your career choice. If you are confident in your academic and career choices then you are ready to move onto this part of your journey, where you start to solidify your personal brand.

Electronic Portfolio

Create an Electronic Portfolio/Professional Webpage using the Online Career Center. Here is an Electronic Portfolio Rubric to give you an idea of the types of documents that should be included in your Electronic Portfolio. You may also want to ask a faculty member or mentor what types of documents they would recommend be placed in your electronic portfolio. Once this is created you can keep adding documents such as:

  • samples of writing – final papers/exams/projects/research
  • videos you did or are in
  • presentations – either videos or Power Points
  • past performance evaluations
  • unofficial transcripts (list of courses you’ve taken)
  • Photos (just a few) showing you interacting at work sites, volunteering, service learning projects, or travel study experiences
  • anything that demonstrates your skills, knowledge, and experience

Video Resume

Video Resumes are a way for job seeker’s to showcase their abilities beyond the capabilities of a traditional paper resume. It allows prospective employers to actually see and hear how you speak and present yourself. Recruiters see Video Resumes as a way to speed up the screening process. This means you must have a professional version and you should put some time and effort into creating your video resume. Here are some tips/tools/tricks. You can develop your Video Resume by logging onto the Online Career Center.

When you complete your Video Resume you can send your project to a Career Consultant, a professor or advisor for feedback.

Personal Website Resume

Personal Website Resumes are a great idea if you are not currently employed, or if your employer knows you are seeking employment elsewhere, or if you want to show off your creativity and abilities. Personal Website Resumes are best used by people that want to take on consultant projects, or work in fields like IT, Web Design, Advertising, Marketing or Public Relations. For most of us, a (part of Journey #4) profile is all that you will need, but for others, who need to showcase their online talents, a Personal Website Resume is the way to go. Here are some tips/tools/tricks. You can develop your Personal Website Resume by logging onto the Online Career Center.

Deeper Dive Research


Deeper Dive Research

If all of your career documents are up to date (Resume, Electronic Portfolio, etc.), then make sure you are visible to employers that are looking to employ Purdue students just like you!

  • Students will revisit their resume. Is it up to date? Does their electronic portfolio and web page match their paper resume?
  • Create an online profile with West Lafayette’s Center for Career Opportunities, then…
  • Set up a job and/or internship “search agent” that will email you job openings that meet your career interests.

Once this Journey is complete, you may move on to Journey #4.