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How to Hire a Student Employee

Purdue University North Central employs over 200 students each year. Our campus strives to make employment fun, challenging and educational. Each student employee is important to the operations of our campus; we all work together to create and build partnerships with other students, faculty, parents, alumni, university administrators and community organizations.

 While working on campus, students are earning income that helps them defray the cost of their education, while building the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to succeed in the world of work. Student employees also have the opportunity to form stronger connections to the university.

10 Steps to Hiring a Student Employee

  1. Create a Job Description. Archived job descriptions are located on the S: Drive: ### PNC Employee/Career Development/Student Employment.
  2. Create a “ticket” using the On Campus Student Employment Ticket system through SERVICES@pnc.
  3. Once approved, your job will be posted for on the Campus job board, CareerTrax.
  4. The Career Center will provide you with your Employer Login information so that you may search resumes of student job seekers (upon registering your department on CareerTrax, you should receive an e-mail with that information). Career Consultants members will also provide you with applications of student job seekers for your review.
  5. Interview and select a student worker.
  6. Once you have made an offer of employment, update your “ticket” in the SERVICES@pnc system. Don’t forget to include the estimated start date on the “ticket”.
  7. Schedule a date/time for the student to complete their new hire employment paperwork with University Human Resources.
  8. Complete the FWS Placement Form if the student worker is FWS eligible.
  9. Prepare for your student worker’s first day of work by establishing an Onboarding & Orientation of the student worker.
  10. Check out Campus Supervisor Resources to ensure both you and your student worker are getting started out right!

Already Have a Student in Mind?

  1. Create a “ticket” using the On Campus Student Employment Ticket system through SERVICES@pnc.
  2. In the “ticket” make sure you provide the name of the student you are rehiring, and the estimated start date of the rehire.
  3. Contact University Human Resources to make sure that no employment paperwork needs to be updated
  4. Complete the FWS Placement Form if the student worker is FWS eligible. NOTE: The FWS Placement Form can be attached to your “ticket” in Services @pnc and will be sent to Career Development, Account, and Payroll.
  5. Student workers may not begin working until they have completed all of their new hire paperwork (including FWS Placement forms where applicable) have been completed and submitted to University Human Resources.
  6. Update your student worker of any new departmental/University policy and procedure changes as it relates to their employment.

Forms & Resources for On Campus Employers

Human Resources/Payroll Forms

Application for On Campus Student Employment
FWS Placement Form
PNC Student Position Codes
FWS Calculator
Payroll Schedule 2014-2015
Helpful Hints from University Payroll

Onboarding Documents

Key Request Form
Supervisor Onboarding Checklist
Student Gross Earnings Tracking Log