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The Need

"Purdue University North Central will become the regional center of excellence for education, information, economic development and culture."

- Chancellor James Dworkin

PNC enrollment continues to increase at a record-setting pace, creating a demand for additional facilities and expanded community life on campus. The last new, state-supported facility at PNC opened in 1995.

In spite of multiple, full-functioning athletic programs, PNC does not have an athletic complex—a vital component of student life and creating student pride. In fact, PNC is the only regional campus in the state belonging to the Purdue or Indiana University systems that does not.

Existing campus facilities are inadequate to meet current community and university needs. Purdue North Central is unable to host a meeting or event with more than 300 attendees. Many typical community, athletic and university events, including our own commencement ceremony, cannot be held at PNC. Also, many requests from civic and community organizations cannot be accommodated due to the lack of appropriate space.

Our Vision

With larger numbers of full-time students that are of traditional college age, PNC would like to further develop its ability to provide the full college experience. While we have made great headway in this area, there is still more to do. We envision an environment that better fosters connectivity among students—a place that encourages social interaction, activities, and pride in PNC.

PNC remains dedicated to the highest academic standards and strives to continually expand educational programs and serve the needs of the community. PNC will impact economic development within the community by educating a quality workforce, generating new business and attracting outside business to the area.

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