FAQs about eBills:


What are eBills?

E-Bills are on-line student, faculty, and staff invoices that display the same information as the traditional paper billing statements.

What are the benefits of eBills?

eBills provide convenient access from any computer with an internet connection 24/7. Information is secure and confidential. The eBill can only be viewed by the student, faculty, and staff member or authorized individuals. There are no mailing and postal delays.

When and how do I receive my bill?

You will receive an email message at your PNC email address alerting you that your eBill is available to view and pay. Click on the link provided in the email, log-in, and there’s your eBill.

Can I print a copy for my employer / sponsor / guardian / other?

You can print your eBill as you would any document maintained on your computer.

What do I do to get started?

If you want a parent, guardian, or some other person(s) to have access to your eBills, you will be able to set them up as an “Authorized User”. They will receive email notification when your eBill is available. As for the student, you’re already set up and ready to receive your eBill, so nothing has to be done on your part.

How do I access my eBill?

Students, faculty, and staff can access their eBill through their MyPNC account. Authorized users, when notified by email that an eBill is ready, can click on the link that is provided and log-in using the user ID (e-mail address) and password provided.

What if I don’t have access to the internet?

All students, faculty, and staff have access to the internet via the on-campus computer labs. Parents/Guardians/Others can access the internet at home, work, or a public library. Recipients of an eBill can also print a copy of their bill and send it to their parents/guardians/others via U.S. Mail, if necessary.

Can I authorize people, other than myself, to receive a copy of my eBill?

Yes, you may authorize others to receive an e-mail notification when your eBill is ready.  All you do is enter their e-mail address under the Authorized User tab and a password will immediately be sent to that person(s).

Will I be able to view previous eBills?

Yes, you will be able to view previous invoices as well as any new invoices from your MyPNC account.

How can I pay my eBill?

Pay your tuition and fees electronically!  Just log-in to your MyPNC account, select Student Tab, select Student Account, select Manage Your Account or Authorize Direct Deposit. This will open a new browser window which will allow you to see your bill, initiate a payment, enroll in an installment payment plan, create a refund profile, add Authorized Users to your account, and to set-up payment methods for future use.