Richard Panton

pantonRichard Panton

Continuing Lecturer in Management

Technology Building Room 182
Ext. 5362

Office Hours: by appointment.

Dick Panton has extensive management experience as well as several years engaged in education at the collegiate level. In nearly 30 years of management experience, Dick worked up from shift foreman in a chemical plant to Product Group Director for a U.S. subsidiary of a major Japanese corporation. He has worked in manufacturing, engineering, quality control and purchasing as well as being in overall charge of plants and business units. Dick’s education experience began at a Community College, but quickly progressed to the baccalaureate level with his arrival at PNC, where he began as an adjunct in 2002.

Areas of Expertise
Dick’s skills include budgeting, variance analysis, quality improvement, team-building and team deployment, project oversight, staffing, performance measurement and management. He is also knowledgeable about process automation, environmental compliance and worker safety. Dick has consulted briefly and successfully in the environmental management and remediation area as well as being active in community groups engaged in public safety planning.

M.B.A, Southern Illinois University
B.S, Ch.E.: Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Courses Taught
Organization Theory, Information systems for Managers, Organizations and their Environments, Development of Business in the U.S.