Department of Business and Leadership

The Department of Business and Leadership supports the Purdue North Central campus mission by providing access to contemporary business and organizational knowledge through learning, engagement and applied research. The Department contributes to the development of the region through the professional and academic expertise of its faculty in accounting, economics, human resources, leadership, management and marketing.

Academic Programs

The Department of Business and Leadership offers a wide variety of programming from certificates, an associate degree, to baccalaureate degrees and a Master of Business Administration degree. All programs combine a strong foundation in the liberal arts with serious career preparation. In addition, a variety of learning opportunities exist for students to gain real world experience through internships, directed studies, and service learning projects. Faculty work in concert with the Center for Service Learning and Leadership and Office of Career Development to facilitate an experience that works with the student’s plan of study.

Business Program

Students working towards a degree in business will enter the business world with a sound understanding of the nature and practices of contemporary business, the basic skills needed to begin their professional careers, and the broad educational foundation necessary to facilitate long-term professional development.  The degree offers a distinctive and flexible curriculum that will allow students to develop expertise in their area of interest. Through a series of core courses and with the guidance of experienced faculty, students are introduced to the broad range of knowledge and skills needed to begin or advance a career in a wide range of enterprises. Business students can select an area of concentration such as accounting, economics, management, or marketing, or pursue another area of interest.

When you complete your Business degree, you are ready for employment in areas such as sales, distribution, marketing, accounting or management. Opportunities also exist in fields outside traditional business areas, because an understanding of business principles is an asset for any career in today’s competitive and cost-conscious world.

The Business and Leadership department also offers a Master of Business Administration degree which has become the recognized credential for leaders throughout business, industry and the non-profit sector. The MBA prepares students with knowledge and skills such as critical thinking, project management, problem solving, communicating, financial decision making and budgeting, planning, operations management, leading, and team building, all of which are necessary for personal and organizational effectiveness.

The graduate certificate in Economic Development consists of three graduate courses offered Saturdays at Purdue Porter County in conjunction with the MBA program. Courses are designed to provide a better understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of economic development competencies in numerous aspects of the field. This is a program of interest to members of the economic development community, Chamber of Commerce officials, elected and/or appointed government officials.

Organizational Leadership Program

Regardless of your chosen profession or area of technical expertise, leadership skills are crucial to your success as a productive team member or leader. The Organizational Leadership Program (OL) offers a human relations-oriented approach to the practice of leadership. As a student in one of the OL programs, you can enjoy learning theory as well as practicing human relations skills. Several opportunities for gaining practical experience through internships or service learning projects are available.

The OL Program is well suited for students who wish to further their education by adding a leadership component to their chosen field of study or for those who have completed an Associate degree and are interested in furthering their education by pursuing a Bachelor’s degree. Graduates can be found in a variety of businesses such as retail, banking, manufacturing, and healthcare, in positions such as human resources, management, production, quality control or sales.

Human Resources Program

The demand in Indiana for human resource professionals is high. The baccalaureate program in human resources is designed to help students develop core competencies in all aspects of human resources management. Students are also encouraged to further develop their skills by working within the business community through internship and service learning opportunities. In addition to providing a solid background in human resources, the program also provides students with a comprehensive general education foundation as well as the opportunity to develop other business related skills. A graduate with a BS degree in Human Resources may work in one or more of five key areas: staffing, training and development, occupational safety and health, compensation and benefits, and employee and labor relations.

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